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For Sale:
BRAND NEW NEXUS 4 8GB going for retail price

Will Ship To: Anywhere

hey guys, i bought the nexus 4 the other day and decided to order 2 becuase i figured it is quite hard to get them in stock and eventually someone would want it. anyway here i have it to offer to you. Its the nexus 4 8gb version new in box. I am selling it for exactly what i got it for + postage and fees, so if you are looking for this phone and want it asap in the UK i can do you next day special delivery  for £7.20, and can meet in london if you want. Im only doing this becuase i know they are going for at least £50 more everywhere else and i dont like seeing people getting ripped off. I am not going to lose any money on this so please do send any lower offer as the price is final. i paid £239.99+10 for the phone.



I havent put up pics as it is in a sealed box so i dont see the point. will forward you the email confirmation form google if you buy.