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Mini-Meet in FLORIDA. North/Central area. Look here if interested! - Page 4

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Hey, I hope I'm not too late but If the meet is small enough we can have it at my apartment, I already have two tables and have a nice open living room.

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Depending on what day the meet takes place, I might be interested. I'm all the way in Mobile, but it's not like there's ever going to be anything closer than NC Florida for me to go to. I don't want to dismantle my whole setup for the meet, but I can bring an old dog-pad MD to run off somebody's Schiit and showcase the world's worst headphones as well. Considering I'm bringing no dedicated source gear, I could also pack the HD280 and SR60 if anybody's interested hearing them out of a CMoyBB.


Again, that's all preliminary. I'll give confirmation either way when we know the date.

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Im in Orlando and could make it as long as its not Tuesday or Wednesday. All I have is a HD650/CKKIII/Modi combo to bring but Id love to try out some other stuff.

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Sorry guys, due to financial circumstances, I won't be able to make this meet 

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I'm in Jax.  Only have Grado SR60i/RS2-i, Cyrus CD6S CD player, Audio GD NFB-15.32 DAC/Amp and a vintage Kenwood KA-3500 amp for amping headphones. 

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let me know if there is chance for another meeting
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Are there plans for another meet. I live in Oregon but my wife is planning a trip to Fl to visit her father.  




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Possibly interested, I've seen a couple of pairs of ATH-M50 and Grado around town already. Local in the NC Florida area. 


Equipment is:

-Fostex T50RP

-Sony MDR-V500

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I live in Gainesville and am new to this hobby. I would be interested if there is another meeting. I only have a :

Headset: PSB M4U-2 (the amazing sound of these led me down this rabbit hole)

Source: nothing if note. I plan on getting a good DAP or a portable DAC like the HiFi M8 by Spring. Waiting to hear reviews on the upcoming DAP Fiio X-5.
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So I'm in Brunswick, Georgia, but not too far from Jacksonville. With enough notice I could make a weekday meet I suppose. I have a some equipment I could share.




Grado SR125i

Grado SR325is

Grado GS1000 (modified)

Grado RS1i

Grado HF1

Grado HF2

Grado PS1000 (may be at Grado getting some work done)

Mad Dogs

Beyerdynamic T90

Vmoda M80 (modified)

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 (slightly modified)

AKG K-280

Sennheiser HD650

Koss Pro4AAA



Schiit Asgard

JDS labs C5

Grado HPA-1



GO Dap DD Socket 1

Blue Circle USB thingy

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great. I've also seen a bunch of M50s and an sr325i or two around so I'm sure there are at least a couple of head-fiers or friends of head-fiers around. thanks


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Count me in a meet also max 2 hour drive!

Can bring Sennheiser hd650, Koss Portapro, Bose ae2 Blue tooth, Burson Soloist, Fiio 17, Emotiva DC1.


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I think we should make this happen in Jacksonville in February.  I am a property manager for a bank, so I have some vacant properties that we can probably set up shop in and hold about 50-60 people, although I doubt we will have that many.  I may also have some meeting rooms in some of the hotels in our portfolio. I will look though my list  and post in the next week or so.  I got some new V-Moda gear (M-80 and M-100) as well as some new Vsonic and Etymonic iems. I think we can come up with some fun gear to share.


Most likely we would hold it on a Friday evening or Saturday at lunch time, so if you have a preference post or PM me and I will work toward the majority vote.

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Sign me up scotty.. being in Jacksonville makes it a no brainer.

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Hello I live near Miami in a town called Sunny Isles, I wish I could join you guys but I won't be in Florida until march, and even then I'll have to figure out a way to persuade my group to go there with me

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