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I will try for the 26th, might get veto'd by fiancée as it's only a few weeks befor her due date. Some lousy cell pics of a mini meet I put together last fall, rshuck brought his gear.

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I'm out for the 26th due to a family obligation, have fun fellas

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Originally Posted by DougD View Post

I'll be bringing my Stax SRD-7 energizer, normal bias 6-pin, circa 1977. Will that work ?


Unfortunately, it and the matching h/ps are my only bit of high-quality h/p gear. I'm looking to upgrade the energizer unit to an amp with both normal and pro bias outputs, so I have a flexible upgrade path, but I probably won't have done that before the gathering in Leesburg. 



Supposedly that will work.

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Originally Posted by Dimitris View Post

I am interested in Leesburg meeting as well because I live in Orlando area. Of course it depends on date because I can only do weekends and have a 2nd baby on the way in August.

I can bring my HD600, Crack with speedball and an Esoteric D70 DAC.


That would be awesome if you can make it. I haven't had the chance to hear the HD600 and would like to compare it to my HD650.


Originally Posted by Sewer Guy View Post

Hi All: In the last couple of days, it has become apparent that there were several people that had prior commitments on the 19th. of July.

This morning I checked with the secretary at our clubhouse & found that the next Saturday, July 26 was also open. Changing the date should make it possible for those who were tied up on the 19th. to attend; it will also give me another week of lead time to plan.




Please let me know if you plan to attend & what equipment you are planning to bring. Contact me either in this thread or by P.M.


Bill Wilson


I still plan to attend, and have updated my calendar for the new date.


I can bring my DT770 Pro 80, DT880/600, HD650, Modi, La Figaro 336C, and a stock BH Crack if I build it in time.

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Got a pass from the wife so I'm confirmed.:beerchug:


Here is what I plan on bringing:

Bitfrost Uber


Koss ESP-950



Shure SE-846

AK240 w/balance Noble 6



I have more portable gear which I could bring if anyone is interested in something specific. I have everything in my profile.

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just re checked my work schedule- im also working on july 26 

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Hey guys, I'm brand new here to the forums but I've always cared about decent audio. I am from Tampa and can be a maybe for this event at the time being. If I can go, I'd bring:





Sony MDR-V6

Sennheiser HD-202s (my first pair of cheap decent phones under $30)


Yamaha MSP5 studio powered monitors



Also, I'd be interested if in the future we could even make a two-day event out of it - maybe even invite some businesses to promote their audio stuff, etc. Of course, that requires a lot more planning and coordinating for places/venues, etc. Also, if possible in the future is Orlando a terribly long haul from G'Ville?






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This sounds great, I'm in tampa too. I just have a portable rig and can see myself getting out of high end home audio for this stuff! With a family its just too much. Cant wait. 

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Just checked my schedule and looks like I'm on call that weekend. Nice to see some more Tampa guys here, we will have to do a mini meet up local one day.
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This thread has become unmanageable, so I have started a new one titled "Central Fla. Mini Meet Confirmed for Sat. July 26th. Please post any further comments or information in the new topic.


Thank You:


Bill Wilson  aka Sewerguy

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Why's the thread locked.. and any pictures? O_O

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+1...I would also like to see some of the pictures...I know a lot were taken during the meet.
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