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Has anyone tried the JVC HA-FR-201?

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I have heard some really good things for the price of the HA-FX-101. Just wondering if the 201's were supposed to be an upgraded model or not? 

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If you ever owned  koss portapros, the sound is very similar in some ways.

prepare for long winded, nit-picky, and grammatically incorrect answer.

(I might be biased on its cons because I got these IEMs for a one-digit price, and I expected better cable quality.)


These IEMs are advertised as having 'xtreme' bass or whatever, but its just a strong lower end mid range that is emphasized, due to closeness and pressure to your ears. So the bassy-ness is not really true bass frequencies, but over-emphasized low mid ranges. (i kind of like that sound, but it can muffle over the rest of the frequencies and the highs. its tiring for your ears.). Delicate cable quality like Portapros.

So far, that is the only similarity i can tell between the HA-FR-201 and Portapros.


freq range is 5-20,000.


The best way i can describe the sound is that it is like an L shape on an equalizer.

-lower-mid range has its gain increased the most. I noticed some background parts of songs in this range that i never heard before.

-every frequency is put on gain increase.

-some compression.

-midrange to lower high frequencies are flat. The highs can blend in with the mids.

-Sometimes during silent parts of the song you can hear light static, evident of gain increase, which mean a bit distortion

-the sound does not give an accurate sound but it makes your music more 'obnoxous teenager-like' or as i like to call it, accessible to a wide audience. Can turn music you hate sound better.

-the stereo image is meh.

-works terrible for music that emphasizes the mid to lower-high frequencies. eg. soft pop songs.



-sound isolation is good to very good. can block normal talking up to 60% in a car, without music. on a moving bus with moderate volume talking, up to 90% noise blocking with music.

-comfortable (to my ears anyways.)


-comes in red, green, black, i think more bright colors too. (a pro because I have a green one. its bright enough so i know where they are and not lose them.)

-delicate cables like the Portapros. straight jack. i suspect the stereo jack to loosen from the cable with uncareful treatment.

-cable at the drivers seem like they might break.



-has a microhpone.its decent to almost good. usable.

-button is nice to press.nice popping feeling. crappy-looking but sturdy-ish.

-microphonics (cable hitting-sound) can be a problem if you have stiff clothing.

-driver piece is durable. cable is not.

-the cable is delicate.

-super comfortable



-if you are on a budget, not worth the ~$30 in Canada (everything is ****** over-priced here!) For the material quality, it is not worth it. sound is good for noob ears like mine. Invest in durable cans for 30$, they probably won't break as fast. Get these on sale or something.

             -however if you can get them at your underground store. It's a good bargain if you are in desperate need of IEMs

-If money isnt an issue or you live in the US and get them for $~15, then these are probably a good price compared to low end IEMs (*cough skullcandy). prepare to buy replacements. durability of the cable sacrificed for its unique sound and driver unit ergonomics.



in general, good for everyday use on public transit, because it blocks off much noise. I also use them noise blockers for my neighbours. very comfortable.

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The 201s are the same as the 101 but with a mic. They are great if you like ton and tons of bass. Treble is greatly boosted and can be a bit much at times. They are fun, durable (the cable is slim but they last a while.....had my pair for almost three year with no real babying), and if you get them in black, understated. I would personally skip them and pay extra for the FX3X if you want to stay with offerings in the JVC XX family, they are an improvement in every way. Or if you need a mic, get the FR301.

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If you are in a Budget,  Phillips SHE3580/90 is a better option.

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