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Worth upgrading?

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Hi folks!


It's been a long time since I've lurked around HeadFi. Oh and how have things changed! So many new vendors, phones, etc., etc.


Anyways, long story short, it's my birthday this week and now that I'm stablizing at my new job, I would like to set up a semi-decent syetup at work.


I've been living off my original Atrio M5's from few years back and they've been great for years but I think it may be time to retire them. I'm being gifted a Peachtree X1 for my birthday so I plan on moving over my Kramer DAC from home.


I would like to stay within a budget of $400 to upgrade the Atrios. My main preference is something that has a breathtaking soundstage and is very very detailed. I like the sound of my Sextetts but if that sound can be surpassed, then I'll be a one happy man! 


Before I'm stoned, I have done some homework and came up with some options (Heir 3.ai & 4.ai, Rockit R-50, New Cosmic Ears line up, V-Moda 80, etc.).  But there is so much new stuff around that I haven't gotten around it all and hence I need your help. 


Any feedback is appreciated as always!

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If you are looking for bassy IEMs like M5 with large soundstage and overall very detailed soundsignature then Sennheiser IE8/80, JVC FX700, Denon C300, UE TF10Pro and Sony EX1000+ZO2 are recommended, also SM3 offer wide open 3D soundstage but not as bassy as others.

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IEM - MDR EX-1000(Best Soundstage in an IEM I've heard so far)


Full Size w/ no isolation - AKG Q-701/ K-702 / K 701 (only heard the K-501 from AKG) / Beyerdynamic DT-880 600 ohms..


Full Size w/ isolation - Shure SRH-940

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Of course I'm going to throw the SM3 V2 out there, they have great detail and the best soundstage/presentation I've heard from an IEM hands down.  The music surrounds you like nothing I've heard from other IEM's and the 3D presentation is outstanding.


The W4 is another very good IEM with really good detail and a spacious soundstage.  I like the over all presentation of the SM3 more but the W4 is right behind in terms SQ and soundstage.


The R-50 has a bit more micro detail over the SM3 V2 and W4 but not by much and while the soundstage is above average its not as big as the other 2 and sound thinner compared to the SM3 and W4 as well but its still a great IEM and the best under $130 imo.

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Thanks guys will look into those!


Techno, I've read that the SM3's are good with EDM music but how about more acoustical stuff?

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