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Sennheiser HD 800, BeyerDynamic T1 or Audeze LCD 3 (WANTED)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for a pair in excellent condition, ideally with a good aftermarket cable (unbalanced 6.35mm Neutrik/Jack).


Given the price differences for these phones it is fair to say that the HD800/T1 are nearer the centre of my budget.


I'm UK based so a European seller would be an advantage, though not essential. I'll pay a competitive price, however not interested in a second hand pair that is valued at an unrealistic level, e.g. 15% off retail.


To go with my upgraded Woo Audio 5 alternative to my SAA re-wired AKG K1000's.


Looking for a non-fatiguing phone that bring something different to the excellent K1000's. These ears are sensitive to 'spiky' hot treble: I'm aware of the HD800 characteristics here but I am hopeful that a good aftermarket cable and my wonderful tube amp (WA5LE) with smooth sounding EE Minimax Dac + will help minimise this. Believe that the T1 has excellent synergy with the woo amp and is easier to live with hence it's included in my search, and I'm sure that the LCD3 merits a look with this signal chain too.


Thanks for looking!



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