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Originally Posted by Carlsan View Post

Played this on on the radio back in the day, on college radio of course, oh and lyrics are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.



NICE and Throbbing Gristle also, yessir!

Leather Nun was a Swedish/Norwegian group I think wasn't it, I recall having one of their albums at one point, wish i still did. Something about sitting on a porch haha




I'm going to have to throw in Negativland " A Big 10-8 Place"  Came with a piece of astroturf "landscaping" and either a biggie of barkmulch or grass clippings, you can still buy the disc at their site. I can listen to this forever... I'd recommend not listening if you are out of your gourd.

the video on Part one alone without the audio is screwed up enough as is.


Guess it goes without saying USE HEADPHONES


Part one


Part Two is slightly different and takes on a mental trip to Contra Costa County where you go to the address 180 and the letter G, then through the door you see the dog juice , the horrible dog juice all over the orange carpet at 180 and the letter G....





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Originally Posted by Carlsan View Post

Let's get serious here, and go into the truly Bizarre.

I'm talking Laibach.



Laibach is one of my all-time favorites. They have some really awful pure art songs (entire Kapital album), and some truly brilliant ones (Europe cover Final Countdown, Andrew Lloyd Webber cover Jesus Christ Superstar).


They are still around, they made the not-so-bizarre soundtrack to the quite bizarre Finnish movie Iron Sky about Nazis in space (yep, that's right):



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Check it out just released





" Nervous Noodles is a reference to neurons. This is a serio-comic, collage-form, sonic meditation on anxiety. Created for the 'Needle in the Red' series. Some 'Voicejail'-oriented material in here as well as some early adventures of 'NervousMan'. "

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Loved les georges leningrad in the day this performance is pretty bizarre and damm good
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Anything by Yoko Ono........................really, anything
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For me.  It's Mr. Bungle's Self-titled.  Awesome album yet on the same end one of the more bizarre ones a person could pick up.  Any of their discography is weird really.  Yet so creative and awesome.  



Another would be Acid Bath's When the Kite String Pops.  On the cover is John Wayne Gacy's very own artwork.  So you know you are going down a weird path.   The music is very varied but what is really bizarre are Dax Riggs' lyrics.  


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