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Headphone w/ more bass imapct than AKG q460?

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Hi, could someone recommend me a headphone w/ more bass impact than the AKG Quincy Jones Q460. I really like the bass impact on the q460 and I also like that the treble is really soft/ the complete opposite of harsh. What I dislike about the Q460 is the mids, they sound boxy/congested. 


So this is what I want. 


Strong Punchy/boomy bass

Soft treble

and decent or good mids.


Bass is very important to me, I had the ad900x which have outstanding mids and treble, but lacked bass impact, so I sold them.



Budget = $230 or substantially less is fine too.

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Beyerdynamic dt770 pro 80's good impact, and really dig into sub bass when called upon.

Ultrasone Hfi 580- Havent listened although apparently a lot of mid bass impact.

If u got money leftover and you got the dt770's get an amp for them like a fiio e7 or an e11

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Thanks for the recommendation. I had the dt770's long time ago, before beats came out, and personally I thought they had mids overly recessed and too harsh highs. I'll might try them at guitar center again and see if I like them now.

I'll look into the ultrasones too. Again, thanks.
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I agree with Master Shake. A Fiio E7 or E11 would be a great investment. I currently own the E11, and it improves the sound, really! Apart form that, it has a bass equaliser, and if the bass of your q460s or the new ones wasn't enough, you could adjust it like you want. It has 3 bass options (0- the normal headphone-bass, 1- punchier bass, 2- really impactful and punchy bass). I've got the Sennheiser HD439, which isn't really a "bassy" headphone, but together with my Fiio, it really rocks ;-)
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If you don't want to overblow your budget, look for Audio Technica ATH-ESW9.


Or if you want absolute bass impact and don't want to compromise any midrange, then pray that you'll somehow find a pair of Audio Technica ES10 for ~$230. I think I saw a pair in the For Sale section for $275 the other day.

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I forgot to mention that I have an E7. I will look into the AT models. I really like the mid-range of the AT models.
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