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For Sale: Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium

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For Sale:
Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys,

I originally bought these thinking that I would use them when on the go but the one time I took them out I was too scared to even take them off! Due to this I've opted back to IEMs and would like to fund some customs (1964s probably).

These are in mint condition, left the house once, other than that they have been on their stand or on their leather case. No sound imperfections whatsoever obviously, and the sound from these is just beautiful. No doubt I'll regret selling these down the line..

I bought them through an eBay seller, condition was listed as "Open box but never touched" (which was definitely true). They have the full manufacturers' warranty with a purchase date of December 17, 2012. I will be including a receipt obviously but if ever you do have issues I will ensure that you have an email to contact me. I've dealt with the specific eBay seller before and they are fantastic at making sure things are both as described and warranted fully (Originally bought Ultrasone Pro 900s through them). Purchase price was $1000 + shipping + duties (Total ~$1150).

Comes with the Box and all accessories (Brochures, 3.5mm extension, 6.25mm adapter).
Price I'm selling them at is SOLD + shipping + paypal;.
Local deals are possible in the Toronto area (Ontario), but shipping is an option elsewhere. All paypal fees will be covered by the buyer.

Thank you for your interest!

Oh and I am the worlds' worst photographer. Just a fact :P.

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Any lower? Interesting in it

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still willing to work with you as long as i can get my denon ah-d5000s sold lol sorry that i could reply to anymore pm's :/ only let me do like 13 or something XD idk it was stupid but im still interested for sure ;D

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