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For Sale: FS: Beyerdynamic T1

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For Sale:
FS: Beyerdynamic T1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm considering selling finally ready to part with these here cans. FWIW, they are the best looking flagship headphones in my book. :P


Anyhow, they are on their way to be replaced so you would be receiving a fresh set.


I'm not in any rush to sell them, but I'll let them go for $850 not including fees or shipping. US/Canada preferred.

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Laptop>ODAC>Schitt Valhalla>Modded Beyer T1/Grado RS1

Is it a result of this mod that they're being repaired?

What's the nature of the damage, and what is Beyer doing to fix them?


I'm looking for a pair, but I'm a bit wary... :)

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They are all reversible mods and I took great care when doing so. And no its not a result of the mods I did lol. I should have mentioned that before :P


Anyhow, I've felt there was something off about the T1's I had to begin with, but couldn't tell if it was just me or the driver. It wasn't until I did the mods to boost certain frequencies that I could tell that it was a driver related issue and its not the first time I've had this sort of issue.


Either way, they are on their way to be replaced. :)


BTW, thanks for asking mate.

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Wow, you got tons of stuff to part with. 

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Have you gotten them back from Beyer yet?

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Yeap... but they got sold :|

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