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Replacing Ipod (Ipod vs phone vs both)

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Looking for some Ipod replacement advice.


so, I have an old 2005 Ipod classic  that I need to replace. The phone jack connection is such that the sound comes in and out regardless of what HP I use.I like to keep a substantial amount of music on my Ipod.


I also like the idea of streaming music.


I'm debating replacing my Ipod classic or getting an Iphone or Android, etc.


Question: For those of you with Iphones, smart phones, androids, etc. (& use streaming services) do you use your phones exclusively for listening to to portable music? Or, do you find you also keep an MP3 player of some kind in addition to your phone?


Do you use one or both(Ipod or other MP3 and phone)?


My old trusty classic has been my friend for a long time....I'm looking at options.

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I had a Zune that I lost and never bothered to replace. Have used a phone exclusively now for at least 3 years.

I just finished setting my iPhone 5 up with iTunes Match so my entire library is available for streaming. And if there's any songs you listen to a lot or if you know you won't have internet access, you can download anything you want directly to the phone.

I have a ton of really old files that were low quality bit rates that I've at least been able to update to 256kbps by using Match as well.

It was a slow process though and there's still about 10 songs I can't get iTunes to add to the cloud. Especially useful if you already use iTunes.


Alternatively, there's other apps (Capriccio is the one I know of) that will allow FLAC through dropbox as well. But with only 3GB each month on AT&T, I'm not about to attempt streaming FLAC files.


Can't comment on Android phones since I only have a tablet that I've never used for music listening.

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