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$180 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:

Will Ship To: USA, CANADA

Little Dot Mark V Headphone Amp
Like-new condition, works perfectly.
Comes with amp and power cord.
Dual-Mono design with two Independent amplifiers, Dual-supply transformers, Dual rectifiers, Double filtering, Bi-symmetric regulators
MCU for source input switching, ON/OFF protection and stand-by control
Premium Vishay-Dale resistors, Matu****a filter capacitors, WIMA coupling capacitors, ALPS-27 Potentiometer, Van Den Hul/American CMC RCA input jacks, OMRON relay
A built in transient voltage suppression diode, to shunt off voltage spikes.
11.8 inches (length) by 8.26 inches (width) by 2.36 inches (height)
Weight: 3.5 kg or 7.71 lbs
Average Power Usage: 12 watts
Will Ship To: CONUS, Canada
Price drop.
$180 shipped in CONUS. PayPal fees included.

Love the sound, I'm just not listening much anymore, it hasn't been on in months.
PAYPAL, Check, M.O., etc.

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You might wanna lower price to under 200, I sold mine for 180
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Yours was a Mark 3, right?  I've looked at a few other auctions for a Mark 5 and I think my price is in line with them.  I could be mistaken though, and I do have it as "best offer"
Thanks though.

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I have both 3 and 5
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It's was only three month old
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All right, let's try that.  Amazing how something solid-state - I.E. it doesn't "wear out" depreciates in value.

$200 OBO

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if i offend you i am sorry but i thought insight might help to sell quicker

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None taken at all!  I want to offer it at a fair market price.

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Is this still for sale ? Also curious as to why you're selling yours & why dlalfjf1234 sold theirs?

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Yes, it's still for sale.  I'm selling because I'm unemployed and need the money.

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$200 shipped to Canada sound fair to you, sir?

Let me know via PM.

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PayPal is now accepted.
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Pm sent.

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Price drop due to PayPal and higher shipping costs... $190 + shipping and PayPal fees.

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