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IE Bass help!

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I am a college student looking for some IE's with bass and lots of it. I listen mostly to rock and dubstep, and right now am looking for something to support the dubstep side. I would like to stay under 100$ but if its a little over then so be it. Also, I do encounter quite a few situations in which my surroundings are quite noisy, so something that will help to eliminate the noise would be awesome. Thanks in advance for the help!

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I really enjoy my Atrio m5 with dubstep. The bass is just glorious for EDM. I really recommend some shure olives for these.
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The Atrio MG7 would be the best choice imo.  The bass is awesome with sub-bass that goes deep and has a good rumble to it, its the best bass I've heard from a IEM and even most of the headphones I've heard.  The rest of the frequencies are good to with the mids and highs having good detail and a monitor like sound to them.  The only thing that might be a drawback is the soundstage which is only about average, they don't have the width of IEM's like the GR07, BA200 and others.  Its a good IEM and if bass is what you want than the Atrio MG7 are the one to get imo.

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I would also have to recommend the Atrios MG7. The bass is unbelievable. I just picked up a pair and all I can say is you won't be disappointed. You might want to also check out the Hippo VB.
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I agree on the Atrio MG7 also. Best bass I've heard after the 1964Ears Quads and the JVC FX700, both of which are significantly more expensive.

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