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As a new recruit, I have just spent 3 hrs or more on the Forum, which is great, but unfortunately I still can't find an answer to what is probably a very simple question, so I'd appreciate a reply from a helpful old-hand out there:


I am contemplating an upgrade from a Cowon J3 to an iBasso DX100 - I have all my music stored in Windows Media Player lossless WAV files - can I download these straight onto the iBasso, or do I need to have them in some other format or configuration?


Secondly, and not so simple possibly, is there anyone out there using the iBasso with Fostex FH 900 headphones? - This would be my choice on paper at least..I have a much-loved pair of Grado GS1000s, but owing to a house move and less space, I now need to be able to listen without disturbing others...


Very many thanks.....