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For Sale: Hi-FI Equipments Priced for Sale

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For Sale:
Hi-FI Equipments Priced for Sale

Will Ship To: Australia




1.Chord CD ONE Transport, 9.8/10 condition, no wear but looks like new, AUD4000, Firmed, RRP AUD8000。


2.Woo Audio WTP-1 CD Transport, silver colour, 9/10 condition, includes original box and everything, still in warranty. A 1.5m Fx-alpha Ag digital interconnect RCA cable ,costs 180 AUDwill give as a gift with the CD transport.AUD700. Firmed, RRP AUD1290


3. Super TOP-END DAP Bundle, include IBASSO DX100, Portable balanced DAC DB2, Ray Samuels Emmeline SR-71B Fully Balanced Portable Amp, Cristal Piccolo balanced interconnect cable, balanced to 3.5mm convertor, FURUTECH RCA digital cable. all in 9/10 condition, include original box and receipt. All of these just sale as a bundle in an unbelievable low price, AUD1400. Firmed.


4. JENSEN top-end Audio Signal Capacitor Box, include a pair of 0.1uf pure silver foil Audio Signal Capacitor, silver leadout, paper in oil. Priced to sell, just AUD300. Best company with IMOD.


All the things are in mint condition, even brand new. You can find out in the pics.


All the things are sale in Australia Dollars.


For friend's asking to sell these to help him out of finance trouble, so the price is very low and firmed.


Payment takes Paypal, Bank deposit or cash on local pick up in Melbounre, paypal and shipping fees are not included. 


Just want to sell them in Australia at this moment.


Feel free to ask any question on Email, Henry. 



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PM sent

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Note the seller was willing to ship and receive a half and half payment (half before items arrival, half after).

Very trustworthy seller. The items arrived in the described condition. Packaging was excellent.

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Thank you for your positive feedback, mate.

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Amperior still available?
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sorry,sold few weeks ago
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Your friend never replied my email regarding the W3000ANV's so I assume they're gone.

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sorry about that, I will ask him.

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