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Originally Posted by MattAKramer View Post

Is there any better option than just using some electrical tape to join the wire just below the microphone and volume control?

I use a little Velcro strip I had laying around to accomplish it.   works very well surprisingly

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I just received the black version of the cable. A lot lighter than the standard version and I can get a better fit.

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Has anyone tried to get one in Australia? Website for aus version cannot buy replacement parts frown.gif customer support were no help either. Looks like a cheap way to get some iPhone controls working with the shures
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The ones with the blue cables definitely sound much better than the iDevice cables from Shure. These make the Shure branded cables sound muddied in comparison.

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Does the black (no mic) cable have memory wire at the ear hooks?

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has anyone had problems with getting sound to output right with these?

in certain situations (plugging into front audio jack of computer, or using a 3.5mm extension cable such as a 25ft monoprice premium extension cable) will make it so that the sound becomes MONO and also the vocals are barely heard, while the background music is very loud in comparison.

but, when i use a topping tp30 amp/dac, it is just fine (unless i use the 3.5mm extension cable, which causes this problem again)

with the monoprice cable in either setup, if i pull the cable's male end out halfway, i can restore the sound to normal, BUT it still remains MONO

i noticed that the one with the mic comes with a trrs instead of usual trs end... is that the reason why?

edit: when i swap the logitech cable back to the stock shure cable, all the sound is fine
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thanks for the thread!

here is the link to the german shop : http://www.logitech.com/de-at/promotions/6423?pcid=4872

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Originally Posted by jay19 View Post


jamonit8: Exact same problem with my blue cable. Disconnect, and clean the connectors of both the cable itself and the IEM. Seems to hav resolved the issue for me, but my black no-mic cables came in the mail a couple days later and i use those now, so cant confirm 100% if that fixed it. No problems whatsoeer with the black cable.

Finally, i found the answer to my occasion cut out. i am using my UE900 cables for my SE215 LD. today i switched back to stock, seems ok. 


I tried the blue cable with UE900, seem ok too. So there might be no cheaper alternative to this. :(





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Hi Guys, 


Is there anywhere in Australia I can purchase the UE900 cable? I can't find it on the Australian logitech website and all the US Logitech site says it's out of stock and can't ship to Australia. 


I want it because it'd look so neat with my Shure SE215LTD iems :3 and tired of the Shure cable jack not fitting on my phone case. 

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Just got the Logitech vi cable to replace the crap stock shure cable.


I like them but microphone does not work and the volume controls, especially the louder side, seems iffy... sometimes they work sometimes they don't. I am careful to press the "right" spot.


Anyone else have these problems with the Logitech replacement cables? Just trying to figure out if mine are defective or whether it's a product flaw.

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If anyone cares, I received the UE900s cable yesterday for my Shure SE425 and I had some connectivity issues where the music cuts off.  I'll give it some more time before I can say that it's happening constantly but just wanted to post to let people know if they were considering the new cable as a replacement.  I'll re-post in a few days to see if the problem repeats.  By the way, I was not tugging on the wire or doing anything.  The cable is nice, fit and feel are great.  I want it to work but lets see.


I HATE the Shure cable.

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My volume and center button did work but just seemed to stop. Otherwise the cable works great for me...
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So, I have had my UE900s cable (black-no controls) for almost a week and here is what I found.  The connection isn't prefect.  95% of the times it works without an issue.  If the earpiece and wire are snug and don't move, you won't have an issue.  I had zero issues while jogging with these, however, when I sleep with them, I get a lot of static/disconnection.  This is because the connection between the wire and earbud moves as my head moves around on the pillow.  I am going to keep the wire as I can deal with the issue and for $25-ish, the wire is great.  I guess anything is great compared the stock cable. 

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Got that blue Logitech cable. Ordered online from their website , since it comes from Holland , no VAT so it was just 22 € ( @ Amazon sells for 49€). Fit perfectly, no any static, noises others reported. Could be because my SE315 are brand new. The controls are the best I ever used (Aiaiai are surely the worst). However the cable is bloody ugly, looks like cheap rope for hanging cloths for drying. I cant recall buying something equally ugly , ever !

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For those of you who have the cable, how has it been holding up?

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