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Exchanged my Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition for Xcited

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just received them, listening for the first 5 minutes and no regrets! 

not sure if this pair of Sunrise Xcited given to me is totally new though as the cable looks like my Xcape IE that i used for two weeks, looks straightened and used. but who cares as long as the sound is ok and the tips are new and the earphones dont give a used, sticky feel.


microphonic is higher in Xcited than Xcape IE, maybe due to tuning? although the wire looks exactly the same in thickness. (not a problem for me since i've accepted that all earphones are microphonic worn straight down)


clarity, transparency better in Xcited than in Xcape IE. Xcape IE feels a little veiled overall, this veil is removed in Xcited. 


2 vent holes, 1 front 1 back of Xcited, totally 0 vent holes on Xcape IE.


separation between vocals and instruments unrealistically wide apart in Xcape IE which felt unnatural to me (having been used to congested soundstage for over a year now). soundstage back to congested on the Xcited based on a preliminary judgement of 5 min listening, need to listen and burn in more before making more precise judgement but the natural soundstage feeling is back :)


piercing at higher volumes.

but a little more sibilant than the panasonic when volume is turned up, i guess this is the payoff for slightly higher clarity, transparency at lower volume. violin and string instrument sounds are still as clear and natural if not a wee bit clearer than the panasonic which is important to me and i dont listen at such high volumes anyway unless i am in the train/public.


soundstage feels a wee bit wider(only if i purposely strain my ears to listen for them) than my panasonic rp-hje270 which is a good thing since i been wanting something just slightly above average in soundstage width. clarity, details feels a little better than the panasonic too. but sound will still be described as congested as the vocals sound like they are in your head. for me, congested and intimate are the same thing in this aspect, depending on whether you like to use a word conventionally associated with optimism or pessimism to describe it.


in the panasonic, there is always a low volume hiss even when no song is playing and this is lesser in volume for the Sunrise Xcited. (a very low volume hiss is still apparent in the Xcited with no music playing). and i attribute it to the difference in impedance between the two earphones. panasonic = 16 ohms nominal, xcited = 32 ohms nominal.


sound quality vs price exponential curve is very apparent as usual.

panasonic rp-hje270 costs $20? sunrise xcited costs $80. difference in sound quality feels very little, maybe only 5% since i am  listening in the day now with normal environmental sounds, birds chirping, random airplanes fly by etc. (both sound like they have the same sound signature so it's quite a fair comparison)


mid bass as punchy and adequate in quantity as the panasonic rp-hje-270. but lacks in sub-bass (rumble) when compared to hje270.


the most obvious improvement of Xcited over rp-hje270 is lesser of low volume hiss (not sure the proper term to call it) that is constantly heard in the panasonic even when no music is playing.


Xcited and Xcape IE is not heavy in terms of weight, which is a good thing for long hour listening since the in-ear monitors wont drop out of the ear or apply a weight strain on the ears.


going back to ClieOS's ranking which i referred to before buying the Xcape IE, it is indeed true that Xcited is balanced in sound signature while Xcape IE is warm and sweet in sound signature. again confirming my preference for balanced sound signature earphones. :) good learning experience for me.

hope these info will help other readers, just as the helpful and honest users on this forum has helped me to make decisions based on their accurate and detailed description. :)


say NO to muddy, veiled sounding earphones! 

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Very good impression mate, much appreciated

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i must say panasonic earphones have the most natural sounding bass i've heard, though not many earphones i have tried. they sound like external speakers in home theatre systems.


the panasonic earphone has rumble that makes your head feel low bass as well as just the right amount of punchy mid bass and right bass tone. very realistic.


the only thing to nitpick about the sunrise xcited is maybe a bit more sub-bass extension and more rumble is desirable for a perfect bass. 


the sunrise Xcited cannot match the panasonic in terms of bass and it is more fatiguing in comparison. the panasonic is truely fatigue free even for 6 hours non-stop listening and you can keep turning up the volume without any frequency spiking into a unnatural tone or overly piercing sound. sunrise Xcited is more mid forward thus sounding slightly more detailed and clearer probably due to higher mid volume but it is more fatiguing with long duration listening and does not have that "sibilant control" when turning up the volume on sibilant soundtracks which makes me miss the panasonic quite a bit. i am unsure if burning in will change the Xcited that drastically to match my contentment but i am hoping it turns out well after 200 hours. :/


even my cheap rp-hje270 is already capable of so much and after reading this review on the hje900 http://www.head-fi.org/t/377961/hje900-review-with-pics-56k-stay-away i find that the description fits my rp-hje270 as if the hje270 and hje900 were twin brothers.


that's the problem of landing into a good lucky start with earphones. my very first earphone was the panasonic since 3-4 years ago and now that i want an upgrade i have difficulty matching it's natural bass and good enough detailed treble for my taste and slightly recessed mids but yet still capable of making the violin sound so lively. overall the panasonic doesn't feel too recessed, in fact you probably wont notice the mids being recessed while listening as it is so fatigue free and natural sounding you are constantly marveled by it qualities. 


i dont know if i am too used to the panasonic house sound/tuning and now hje900 is already discontinued. seems like i will be having a really tough time finding a replacement for this panasonic sound signature that i've grown so fond of.


i am also quite positive i wont be gambling on balanced armature earphone purchases unless it is only about quick auditioning in stores as this sort of bass heavy and natural bass probably can only be found in dynamic earphones.


i am becoming more and more convinced that perhaps the panasonic tuning was closest to the best balance point i prefer and going any higher in bass will make it too bassy, too much mid will throw the overall balance between bass mid and treble off course and out of tuning overall, higher treble and it will become too sibilant, lower treble and it will not be transparent/sparkly enough. the open-mindedness window, for other brands and a upgrade over the panasonic, is closing soon. if i really fail to find a upgrade, i might eventually go back to panasonic, even if it takes me 400 dollars to acquire a pair of the hje900. ><

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im back with the sunrise xcited that has undergone more than 20 hours of burn in.


i must say the treble has settled very well with the burn in. general listening, no longer as fatiguing as before.


more than 90% of the random piercing spikes i hear at unboxing is gone.


feels really good now, i was almost sure i wanted to sell them as i was so disturbed by the piercing and sibilant from the forward mids/treble when i 1st unboxed it. but now i am to reconsider that decision and definitely going to keep burning them up to the 200 hour mark while my panasonic hje900 order is already confirmed and on it's way to me now. 


another lesson learnt in burning in and not to underestimate what sibilant/piercing sounding earphones can deliver after a good and long burn in. which reminds me of my hje270, which also felt overbearing at unboxing. seems like the piercing earphones are the ones that are going to settle down and deliver the perfect treble sparkle you yearn for after a good burn in.


*another very important point to note: i didnt listen to the xcited during burn in as i just used my computer with music running and the earphones on the table top. this rules out the complications of a mental burn in.


looking forward to compare the hje900 and xcited :)



musicality intact, piercing: none detected in this track. EDM + violin = :)


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