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Sorry I havent posted any updates, I had some issues with my LCD-3's and have been dealing with that recently so I  haven't really had time to audition the d20. I should have my headphones back on monday and then I can start to play with the topping.

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Originally Posted by Mattimis View Post

Sorry I havent posted any updates, I had some issues with my LCD-3's and have been dealing with that recently so I  haven't really had time to audition the d20. I should have my headphones back on monday and then I can start to play with the topping.

No worries! Good luck with the LCD-3's!

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Just now starting to get some good time in using the D20 and I have to say that I am really impressed.

After a couple more days of listening I will give a little more detailed comparison to the HRT MSII+ and the M stage Dac.


After only a day I will say that the sound stage is clearly larger atleast to me, which is easy to tell and welcomed on my LCD-3's which dont have a massive sound stage to being with.

Another thing I really really was happy about due to its great pairing with the LCD's is that the mids are very clear and crisp, and that personally is my favorite part, because again mids imo are the weakest part of the lcd's.

When I listened to the same songs on the HRT MSII+ the mids were much less involving.


Just incase anyone asks Im using:

My pc (usb,Coax, and toslink)

Schiit Mjolnir

Audeze LCD-3




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Thanks for the first impressions, looking forward to more :)

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Glad to hear you got your LCD-3 back up and running!  First impressions sound great on the D20, I'm glad you're enjoying it more that the MSII+.  Any other headphone pairings?  Regardless though, if it's a clear step up, let alone on the same level, I'm definitely going to set aside some funds for a new DAC soon beerchug.gif

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Hey Mattimis,


Did you have any time to compare the D20 to HRT MSII+ and M stage Dac ?

I was thinking to buy the D20 to replace my xonar DX as a source, but I'm concerned about the USB input of the D20 being capable of only 16bit/48khz (I could connect it using optical though, but I would prefer using USB, as its more flexible - i.e. I could connect it the a laptop).


How do you use the D20 in our setup (usb, optical or coax) ?



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Hi, I am interested in this DAC now. After google a bit I found out this specifications and it looks like clearer than other websites stated.


Inputs: Optical, Co-axial and USB
Outputs: RCA L/R 2Vrms
Decoder: Texas Instruments PCM1793 + PCM1793 
Sample Rates: 
- Optical/Coaxial: 32 to 96kHz
- USB: 44.1 to 48kHz
Bit Rate: 16-24 bit
Resolution: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
Output impedance: 200 ohm
Opamp: Burr-Brown OPA2134
THD Distortion: 0.0013% @ 1kHz
Connectors: High quality Gold Plated RCA
AC Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50-60 cycle with power supply included
Size: 11.4cm (4.5")" x 14.3cm (5.5") x 4.4cm 1.75) (W x D x H)
Weight: 530g net
Package Contents: 1 x  Topping D20, 1 x Power Supply, manual, USB cable
So by reading above numbers. I assume this DAC can run 16-24 bit at 44.1 and 48Hz if you use USB connection. Not sure if I am right or wrong however I sent a message to Mattimis and wait for his clear answer. Thanks.
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ordered the D20 to drive some RCF active speakers (I had humm problems with the speakers and HTPC, the optical SPDIF fixed the problem).


Built and construction is exeptional, like Topping TP30 and other units of this brand.

Sound quality is top notch (IMHO), had some other DACs before (Little Dot and some noNames, but using Onkyo DACs also).


The external power supply is O.K., but this could be worth a update (15V 1A or stronger). It's simply the weakest part of the D20 chain.


The output is VERY powerful (2V), it blows your ears away if you don't watch out for a extreme low level of your source unit. ^^


I'm thinking about lowering the output to get a better matching configuration to my RCFs. Everything else is pretty satisfying, and who nows ... maybe anybody else but me want the high gain out. :-)


The D20 is def. a keeper.

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Thx for the review
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Received mine today. Set up with the Adam audio but I need to clarify one thing " All output of the D20 could not be short circuit or CONNECT THE THE GROUND " WTH is connect to the ground from the RCA line level output ? I do not want to damage an expensive speakers for a $150.00 DAC. So the D20 is connected but not been using. Can some one explain, please?

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Okay, after I left the Topping D20 overnight for those who believe in burn-in and for those do not, please do not be concerned to start an endless debate.


For those who are Kimber fans, this is a typical case of the Kimber Silver Streak vs. Kimber Hero. I'll explain in steps.


I pick the Diana Krall " the look of love" for a particular reason for a fair assessment.


1. The Topping D20 will give you a sense of airy, details and a sense of 2 D with some "s" or " sh " sibilance as the CD was recorded. The sound is a bit forwarding but not by any mean to be offensive. The cymbals sounds very real and clear. You will have more truth to the way the recording intended. Very much as the Kimber Silver Streak.  Sound stage wise is good not congested. That's alone is worth the $150.00 a pop.


2.What I missed is the larger vocal and the little meat around the piano notes and the guitar string from the Audio Engine D1. I missed the little boasting in the upper mid-range of the Audio Engine D1 that gives me a larger and warmer vocal ( sounds very much like the Kimber Hero). If you are after the mid-range, and willing to compromise some HF details ( it is there but you will have to look for i) the Audio Engine D1 will please your ears more than the Topping 20.


This is just one man assessment of the non audiophile gear and by no mean to say which gadget is better than the other one. It is simply what I perceive in my own listening room and my associated gear. Your ears, your listening habit, and you preference of type of music will determine which one will please your ears.


Happy listening.


Andrew Doan



Adam Audio A 7X, IMac desktop, standard red book CDs, Spotify, MOG, cables are standard off the shelves XLR to RCA. .

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Well, guys. These 2 topping D20 going back. I really do not see any point these D20 are outperformed the entry level DAC Audio Engine D1.


It simply does not do any justice for my Adam audio A7x or my Neuman KH120. I struggling with the D20 all days but I have to say this DAC is not for me and my set up. That does not mean it is a bad DAC. It's just kill the Adam A7x mid-range and that is all the Adam A7x about.


At certain track, I found it sounds confused with no properly separation of instruments. Vocals are not clear ...Just not for my ears. Love to love them but I can't.

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