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Learn Me: Edition: Ultrasone Sig Pro's

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  After some rather hasty researching and even more hasty decision making, I just ordered the Sig Pros. I had read nothing but great things about them and they seemed to fit my bill perfectly (moderately portable, a bit colored, closed). They are going to be for my bedside rig for when the fiance goes to sleep, long plane rides across the country, and even longer train rides. For the life of me I can't find any comprehensive reviews or comparisons. How do these stack up to, say, the JVC DX700/1000, the Edition8's, or any other sub $1k brethren? They'd be amped by an E12 on the run. I had a more generalized sub 1k thread up, but I feel as though I can get more of a solid response/experiences towards the Sig Pros in particular here. Let's hear it!

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errrmm... search function?








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 This is what I'm saying! I'm far too impatient, as proven. I knew there were reviews out there but I went through pages of searches and didn't come up with anything. If anything, I apologize and very much appreciate the links. I will sulk in the corner for the rest of the night thinking about what I've done...triportsad.gif

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No problem.

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