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Not feeding the troll, just sharing my thoughts...I think there was a thread like this about secretly respecting Beats…That thread had made some good points, like this one as well. I guess ultimately it’s up to whatever the individual wants and what sounds good to them. But I do totally agree with what Ishcabible said, getting the gear that renders what the specific instrument or vocalist actually sounds like is the goal, to most of the listeners here. That is the problem with the teenagers and the people who like Beats, they don’t listen to music made with real instruments. That is to say that there may be those that do, but for the most part they would be listening to EDM, trance, or whatever it maybe called. So the sound that the Beats provide is perfect for them, big, bloated, BASS…it may not be tight, or punchy, but it’s thumping and that’s what they like. Beats are a fashion statement; they are a status symbol, not merely an instrument of audio reproduction.

I myself am not old, or I don’t consider myself old, (30) and when I was in high school I don’t remember people walking around with full sized headphones in public. Although I think when the iPod became mainstream it was more prevalent for someone to listen to music on the go. I do remember in middle school and high school using a Sony Disc Man occasionally. You might ask where am I going with this? Well I think that when the iPod, mp3 players and such came into play it opened a new market for headphones and IEM’s.  Beats (and Monster) had the right business plan since the start they created a product that was mediocre, but was endorsed by athletes, actors, and popular musicians garnishing them as desirable by anyone wanting the next big thing. I do think that they served a purpose, and ultimately if the people that bought them are serious about sound they will act as a gateway to better sound and open those people’s ears up to better headphones! I’m afraid that this is not the case though, especially with the people that wear them as an accessory around their neck and could care less about the sound quality…I’ll stop my rant now…To each their own!   

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I don't really believe aesthetics and SQ are valid points as both are very subjective. You used the first person pronoun "I". Focus on that. "I". If you like it, that's great. Keep in mind not everyone likes it though. You could come off as just stupid to some people, or swagadelic to others.  


>best fake word 2013

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OP is happy with Beats, I'm happy for the OP.. doesn't change my opinion and I doubt it will change many other people's.. nothing more to say smily_headphones1.gif

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LMFAOO OP wins troll of the month award. Mods should close this thread already.

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Wow, never expected such an agressive reaction.


I know you guys listen more to distortion graphics than to music, beats may not sound great with any kind of music, it sucks with classical music (i tried to listen once but it was very very boring).


And the reason why people buy Beats is the same why they buy Iphones instead of Google Android devices, they want something good with the looks, by pure specs many think Androids are better than Iphones, well they are in theory but not in practice, and also are ugly looking. The same i can say about Beats, it is better than many headphones you guys love at the same price. Like the phidelio line from philips, Beats sounds better than the L1, and the looks... i wouldn't use a phidelio on the street, it is a headphone for old people, i would look like a ***** wearing them and people would make fun of me.

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tbh i couldn't agree more with the statement about iphone vs android / nikon vs canon / sedan vs hatchback / other crap like that.
- BE A MAN, DO DUH RITE TING. - no seriously, just go with your own opinions. biased opinions are no good.

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As I don't see this thread going anywhere useful, especially with the above flame-bait post, it is now closed.

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