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Looking for a pair of In ears for college

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A first time head fi looking for a pair of In earphones for college. My budget is around 60 dollars but can be more if it is really worth it. I listen to mostly trance, hip hop, and r&b. In earphones i have had are klipsch s4, x10(broke on me 4-5 times). Im pretty aggressive with my earphones because i am always wrapping them around my iphone so durability is possibly an issue. Also I do not like wrapping the earphones around my ears.

I have been looking at a lot of reviews on this thread and have been looking at the following 


HeadDirect RE0 

Sunrise Xscape and Xcited

Fischer silverbullet and consonance 

astrotec am90 

Vsonic GR02 BE Vsonic


Any suggestions on these? 

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If you already know what you're doing wrong, you should fix it! not repeat it. Don't wrap them around your phone, i'll tell ya that possibly no IEM cord can withstand that in the long run.


Anyways i would go for the Vsonic GR02 BE. Don't even consider the RE0 since they will suck at anything electronic because they're too bass shy.

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Yes, nevermind the RE-0 both for they bright sound and their durability issues. You should consider getting a cheap IEM hard case, they cost like 4$ on eBay and can really help with durability.

VSonic has pretty good cables, but I think they use an over-ear design and have a more neutral sound.

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The AM90 and the GR02BE have good build quality and nice, durable cables. The best sounding IMHO are XCape, XCited, and RE0. The GR02BE has a v-shaped signature, with lows and highs emphasized, mids recessed. I will have to recommend the GR02BE for your musical tastes.

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Narrowed it down to just the AM-90 and the Vsonic GR02 BE. Plan on purchasing from lend me ur ears. The AM90 is 5 dollars more expensive and it looks more sleek. But how do they compare in terms of sound? Similarities? Differences? According to one of the big review guides both give warm and sweet sound. Thanks for replies. 

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I was going to suggest the X10s like I do for most of the threads like these until I saw that you have broken them before, and that you are aggressive. Forgive me for saying it but with a cable as thin as the X10 you probably should have been more careful.

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I will highly recommend the Sony EX310 or XB90EX because both use unique cable style which is more secure and don't break easily and both are bassy but very detailed and serve all kind of music very well(XB90EX is supperior due to larger driver). JVC FX500 are also recommended too, it's cable and housing is tough to break and it offers deep reverbing bass with crisp clear mids, highs and fairly wide soundstage(fun to listen).

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Huge differences in sound between GR02BE and AM90, but they are both quite good. The GR02 is v-shaped, with a large quantity of midbass, pretty good subbass extension, recessed mids but still decently detailed, and good treble extension with a nice sparkle. For the AM90, the low end is tight and much less impactful (as any BA should be) than the GR02, but also has less immensity. The mids are well balanced with great detail, cleanliness, and clarity. As for the treble, it is quite smooth and inoffensive, not harsh or sibilant to any stretch of the imagination. But since the entire signature is very well balanced, it is not dark sounding but definitely not bright. But, down side for the AM90, it doesn't have as good extension as the GR02 does.

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