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I have sent this letter to HDtracks through their contact form ( and would like to invite you to join me in attempting to persuade HDTracks to add the DSD format to their offer, whenever aplicable:



Dear HDTracks,

I'm writing you regarding DSD.

On this Web site you have published the following document:

Where we can read:
"Some of the masters we receive at HDtracks have been recorded in DSD (Direct Stream Digital).
Since the current state of the computer audio playback does not support DSD (SACD as it is known in the consumer world) playback we must have the files digitally converted to Linear Pulse Code
Modulation, better known as LPCM."

I would like to alert you that this statement is no longer reflecting the reality.
In the press coverage of CES 2013, regarding computer audio, the spotlight was clearly on new or updated DACs able to play DSD tracks.
Most media players used by audiophiles are also able to play DSD tracks via DoP standard.
From my recent experiences with playing DSD on my computer audio system, I can perfectly understand the hype about DSD, because to my ears it simply sounds better than the same tracks converted to PCM.
So, based on the arguments above, I would like to suggest HDTracks to add the DSD format to your offer on existing albums sourced from DSD masters.
I have the feeling that many customers would even purchase albums they already own in PCM.

This is an open letter, that I am going to publish on well known audiophile Internet forums.