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Design / look of headphones and you

Poll Results: Does the design of headphones influence your buying decisions?

  • 25% (9)
    Yes, very much
  • 27% (10)
    No, not at all
  • 16% (6)
    In public yes, at home not at all
  • 30% (11)
    I'm in the middle
36 Total Votes  
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Inpired by the "Do Grados Look Ugly? Or Do They Look Cool?" thread:


Does the design of headphones influence your buying decisions?




I am affected by the design. If they look ugly to me I have a hard time liking them. I do appreciate the sound for itself, but most probably wouldn't buy Audeze headphones.

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Yep - which is why I have never considered getting HD800s. I think they are some of the worst looking cans around.

On the other hand I enjoy my T1s and they're not exactly Lana Kane to look at either.
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Not in the least.
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It depends on where I plan on using them. I wouldn't buy ugly headphones for travel, but at home, while I prefer classy looking headphones, sound quality is the main factor.

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Depends on price and what I'd use them for. For out and about I want a nice looking pair, part of the reason I bought the 4.Ai's. At home I couldn't care most of the time. If they're cheap I don'tmind but if I was spending over £500, I'd like something good looking.

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I would put it somewhere between "Yes very much" and "in the middle" but I voted very much.

I don't like the look of the ATH-M50S at all so despite being one of the most popular hps, I'll never consider buying them.

However, I did buy the HE-400 even though I hate the blue color. But I want to upgrade to HE-500 once I have the space to justify the $700 (in a one room "apartment" above my parents garage while waiting for our house).


I wear my IEMs while out so don't care about how they look in public.

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The look matters to me a fair amount. Obviously, the sound matters more, but I think style is nice to take into account. I like the roundness of the beyerdynamic earcups and I think the self adjusting headband of the AKG's or some Audio Technica's is snazzy, and would gladly wear them outdoors even if for some they would look strange.

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Maybe if they are $100 headphones....once they cost 3 benjimans , then looks go out the door for me

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Looks don't matter much besides that I prefer all black or dark colors.
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Audez'e should create a new design based on beats by dre very_evil_smiley.gif

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I voted not at all because sound is the priority, although if the headphones look good then I'm not complaining :)

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of course aesthetics change your perception of a product.  I mean, I'm put off when I look at the K1000 or jecklin floats etc. personally.  I think I'd still use them for home use if the sound was good enough.  The TH900 on the other hand just looks so desirable...  


Sure, aesthetics can get me interested/excited about some unknown quantity, but I'm never going to buy something that sounds bad just cause it looks good (or something that sounds bad and looks like a cheap lump of plastic...)

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Took the 598's over AD900x and MA900's because to me, they're sexy.

MA900's are so ugly.. AD900x.. not a fan of the headband.

anddd I'm sort of a Sennheiser fanboy (HD800's will be my untouchable dream)

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I don't wear headphones out in public so I couldn't care less about their looks. 

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No, not at all.


I am surprised by the even number of results, who cares what you look like to other people?

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