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Razer Kraken Pro review

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i havent listened to many headphones, 3-5 in ear,razer megalodon,roccat kave, technics rpdh1200, athm50, skullcandy's, some other ones i cant remember. but anyway since i havent seen a review on the razer kraken heres 1 for you:

i baught these to test after burning in, ive used them a fair bit, ill start with the cons, the highs are laybacked and ok, the mids are lacking, the bass is overpowering and delayed too much, it has a vibration problem with lows which may interfere with the other frequencies, it has a low mid humm problem, mainly due to the vacuum(enclosed air space) space between then driver and your ears when you wear them, < this is very terrible imo, creates a weird humm and makes it sound like ur listening to music with a bike helmet on or underwater, so yes the bass isnt tight its loose and not entirely accurate, music reproduction only works for some genres, and then again its for the songs that dont utilize the frequency range of the annoying humm (low mids),

i am comparing these to audio technica ath-m50's since they are flat, accurate and the best mid ranged dj monitor headphones that u can buy on the market between 100-200 dollar price. also if ur ear are 2.5cm or higher they will barely touch the inside plastic of the cup which does hurt after about 30 mins, sound quality: 6/10, build quality 7/10(cheap cable though), comfort would be a 8 still not as comfy as audio technica ath-m50 when u stretch them out a bit ive had mine for over 3 years with the same pads and i can play 15 hours straight without any issues. the mic is ok, good enough 6/10.

Would i recommend to buy? tbh no i wouldnt recommend it due to its issues...

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I am not impressed with Razers products either.

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It's so sad, because Razer has the resources to take gaming sound to the next level : / Have you tried the newest version of this headet, the Kraken 7.1? It looks better, at least :P

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I've tried them and they're crystal clear and very promising as soon as you get the Razer surround drive. Also for 99$ it ahs one hell of a mic!


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Love these headphones. Good sound quality. The mids and highs are great, and crystal clear. What blows you away is the lows. Skull shaking pounding vibrating bass. Only get these if you are a basshead. If not, look the other way. The one with a mic is $80 now, and without $60.
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