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Unsafe Javascript attempt to access frame with URL---head-fi.org/t/649549/advertisements -activating-chromes-malware-warning----------- from frame with URL Domains, Protocols and ports must   match. Can I add -Get http//match.rtbidder.net/match?p=1& google gid--------- 403[red] blocked  GET http://ads.saymedia.com---------- 503[red] (service unavailable).

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duncan1, next time you receive that message, can you screenshot it so the tech team can see what program is showing the message and how it's displayed?  It would be greatly appreciated.

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I am using Yandex the Russian browser it uses part of Chrome but not all and Dr.Web business internet protection also Russian. Tried the rest on other sites when attacked by high power hackers  sorry to say they failed At "high level" you don't have a chance no matter what protection company says "we will protect you"  . Has a built in java script console where I can get up a full list of every action that takes place "behind the scenes" some audio sites have only their own cookies but Head-Fi has other tags butting in continuously   You aren't alone though there are others. When it cant achieve the results wanted on my browser it keeps trying doesn't give up runs into 1000s of tries the longer I am on Head Fi . Not stopping me using this web site but a bit unnerving knowing it keeps on going. I can understand how it could affect others with less protection. Will get back. 

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 Under "network" [section of java script console]  -Match comes up=match.rtbidder.net-method =get is blocked by Dr Web [403]-  /text/HTML/push:/parser 4.29KB .Out of 223 that's the only one red lined. I would like  to point out that even my own email service [a well known company ] has cookies that follow me over the Internet IE-Littlewoods [a UK store I have never dealt  with]  At least I know who is following me - Google BIG-time here and there. It is quite true that you have no privacy anywhere  even the government follows you. But that's life I get fed up removing cookies so I just leave most of them now. Hoping they get fed up me not buying their products.

          For those that want privacy I suggest TOR downloaded from  their website. 

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