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confused.gifHello Everyone;


Hoping you guys can help re the above on two fronts?I am in the process of buying ASUS-Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T *This as you may all know is a Transformer TABLET  with great reviews and feedback;I would like to use it as my main music server 95% of the time at Home 5% on the Road?


I was sort of thinking I will need a portable Dac/Head Amp which will work with TABLET part when ditached and on the road?Mainly though,the set up will be Home based so a reasonable DAC/AMP for home use would be required.I know the choice is mind boggling and I have read as much as most on the subject of DACs &AMPS e.t.c. I was thinking of the FIIO17 as it seems to get all the positive feedback,and appears very popular so if we use that as my price point maybe you guys could suggest alternatives which are worthy of consideration?


I will be looking for a nice pair of Ear/headphones any suggestions likewise appreciated..and once again I know the choice is very wide...


Really will appreciate any help /advice suggestions e.t.c.


Many Thanks In advance

Regards Stevebeerchug.gif