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 I believe they have a slight ported opening, but then again I am not familiar with them. I am also very intrigued by the mad dogs. At $300, they're substantially cheaper than the Sig Pros/T5p, etc.

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Originally Posted by Shazb0t View Post


Are the Mad Dogs considered closed back?

They are closed. Stock in vented but I believe that the vents are closed during the mod process. They are incredibly isolating and leak no sound so they are definitely closed. 

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I just got the Yamaha Pro 500 - the best purchase I've made yet during my time on HF. I recommend them highly. Very balanced, detailed and excellent timbre accuracy.
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Denon D7000 with the MarkL mod, these things surprise and wow me every day.

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Generically off-hand? Probably the Kenwood KH-K1000; assuming weight isn't an issue. I also dig the Bose QC15 Limited, but I know those aren't likely to win any friends here. The Beyer T70 could've been spectacular, but they're so thin (or I should say, mine were, but there's speculation mine were messed up - Beyer never got back to me about it though, so they just got returned and I've kind of written them off) - I've yet to find a closed headphone that can give me the "euphonic hi-fi" experience of the RS-1, MDR-F1, or ESP/950 though. So basically I just look for something that's comfy, warm-ish, smooth, and doesn't do anything offensive up high while providing isolation (because if it isn't isolating, what's the point in all the trade-offs?) - the QC15 check all those boxes pretty well, cost less than the Kenwoods, and weigh a lot less, the Kenwood have nicer mids and probably a bit more controlled low end, but standing next to the 950s they just look like a wet blanket (and dealing with 400g+ suddenly becomes a lot less appealing).

That said, I know I'm comparing them to open cans at twice their price (or worse), and that's pretty unfair. For what they (Kenwood) are, they're spectacular, and I can readily recommend them as a daily all-rounder. However if your goal is just to sometimes be able to block out external noise (for me it was HVAC), the QC15 are where I'd steer you. More isolation, less money, better long-term wearing. Do they sound bang on perfect? No. But they're good enough when you consider everything they bring to the table.
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 Think I'm going to try out Sig Pros for now. They seem to fit the bill at the moment.

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Denon D5000 for me!  Has all the bass I'll ever need tongue.gif.  

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^^ Great visceral bass punch but fatiguing treble to my ears. 

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Ultrasone Edition 8 > Denon D7000 > Ultrasone Sig Pro

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

^^ Great visceral bass punch but fatiguing treble to my ears. 

I like that kind of treble.  Although, I find that when I switch to them after listening to a more laid back headphone for a while, like my HD600, the treble does seem a bit over the top on the denons.  However, if I just sit down and go straight to listening to my denons, the treble seems fine.

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 It's amazing what your brain will do to the sound signature of just about anything. wink.gif

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The Ed8 is also $500 over my budget and the D7000 is not readily available (not at all a fan of used). So by that logic I made the right decision 😃. If I don't like them, I'll sell them and take the hit. That's how this game goes I feel...
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I don't know where you are, but Ed8 (at least one of them) is 999 on Amazon last I saw. That's right on that 1k bar though.
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Nobody has given the JVC HP-DX700 a mention yet?

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Did not see that... Don't know how I missed it. Too late now. I can always try them if I'm not satisfied with the Sig Pros.
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