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Just some more random headphone questions from a novicemadge dooz :o

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Basically this is where im gettin at:


  1. Xb1000 vs q40
  2. q40 vs m50 vs proo700mk2
  3. dt770 vs q40
  4. beats executives vs q40
  5.  Logitech UE6000 vs q40
  6. sennheiser HD800 vs q40
  7. x10 vs q40(i only got 3 headphones lol forgive for listing it over and over)
  8. ultrasone900 vs q40(THIS ONE IS THE ONE I WANNA KNOW MOST BESIDE XB1000)


I listed Bassy ass headphones so i dont make my little remixes too bassy for xb500/beats users while keeping some thump for people with headphones like the mdrv150 or flat headphones.


also some other things:


  1. do earbuds with detacheable cables exist?
  2. can bluetooth audio recievers be used as bluetooth period?
  3. are laptops strong enough for headphones with 64-300 ohms?
  4. is galaxy tab 2 enough to drive headphones with 64-300 ohm?
  5. how to make windows 7 use asio as main audio instead of realtek?
  6. why does ubuntu sound clearer than windows 7?
  7. Best program for precise audio stretching but looks like slicex or recycle?
  8. Why are there so many digital instrument sounds with no name?
  9. How to synthesize like zircon and onefunkybrutha/dj kariu/deadmau5/datsik/kaskade/negrosaki
  10. What sampling vst can give you the most control of samples but looks like slicex?
  11. How the helll do i replicate the megaman X4/5/6 synths used like duff mcwhalen or adler?
  12. Best mic for lyrics between 50-150 bucks
  13. is zebra 2/z3ta/fm8/sytrus all i need for synthisizing?
  14. How do i make the snare from "konitchiwa bitches"?


Wow...that's...a lot,anyways if anybody has answers to these feel free to well,answer em.

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A lot of these questions regarding making music really should not be asked in this part of the forum. Also dont try to sound like an artist, you wont get anywhere doing that you've got to be original, come up with your own sound. Now regarding hardware, you asked if a laptop can drive 64-300 ohm impedance cans, thats a fairly large range. Anyways, if you plug headphones into a laptop or tablet and play music music will be produced through the headphones, what will be effected is the quality of the music. Most, if not all headphones that are fairly decent benefit from an amp. Again for your producing questions look somewhere else this is not the part of the forum to ask on.

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i want to know how to make them sounds because you cant remix properly without knowing how to synthesize the parts,like duff mcwhalen.thanks anyways :p

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