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For Sale:
Left handed fender strat for trade(mexican zero 2004 model. local only for now.Marlton/delanco/riverside/delran/cinnaminson areas)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

hey head-fi! been a long time since i posted anything here. well anyhoo,

i have a left handed fender strat willing to part with. find myself not playing it anymore and just mainly a music listener. i am not exactly sure what model since this was given to me by a friend long ago before he left but rough guessing it's around 2004 from looking at the serial and it also says ''mz'' which means it's a post 2000 production model is all i know. will allow you to test it out as well.

only aesthetic issues is it has a couple knicks(one by the strap and on opposite side as well) but probably can be touched up with nail polish or something and few tiny scratches on the back but other then that it's tip top shape and clean.

for trade i possibly want to try to get an sennhesier HD600 out of it. i been wanting a pair for long time now so hopefully i can find someone willing to part with theres. it doesn't obviously need to be in perfect condition. just has to function.

will also be open to other options as well. worst i can say is no, so don't be afraid to ask any questions and make any offers.

will do local only cause i do not know the shipping costs for this and i have other obligations to ship out currently but maybe in the near future i might change my mind. i don't know, but for now it's local only and in south jersey area. thank you again for looking. i hope you have a very blessing day/night/week/weekend/year.

EDIT:cause a kind person message me i now know what model and year this is. it is mz ''mexican zero'' 2004 model. it is a mexican model(any model i believe post 2000 is mexican made). thank you again for looking.

EDIT: will also consider pair of sennhesier Linear or linear II's, pair of older isodynamic headphones like yamaha hp-100 or fostex T20/t50's. will also consider older AKG headphones like K400/500/501 or even a pair of working 240DF's or Sextetts as well. thank you again for looking.
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