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My Journey on Head-Fi

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My Journey.


My Journey has been a long one. My Journey has been a short one. My Journey has been one of sadness and happiness.  I started out on Head-Fi in 2011. I was but a young knave then.  I wanted good headphones for my birthday. And so, Head-Fi was the place to start it seemed. I scrounged up money for headphones and got lots of help from various head-fi’ers. Most of them were head-fi new comers who also were interested in the topic. We conversed and before I knew it. My first headphone was on the way.


That feeling of happiness on buying my first headphones did not stop there. It continued for a while. Before I knew it, I was buying more headphones and conversing more on Head-Fi.  I would spend hours going into the main forums to try to help newbies out. I learned from many members around Head-Fi. They taught me what all the fancy words meant, what each thing in an amp or DAC was, and even how I could better protect my ears.


My Journey on headphones never really ended but took a new direction. The chance to review turned everything around. I first started out reviewing products I already had. But as time went on, I got messages on reviewing other products. I had been helped by people on Head-Fi for a long time. It was time for me to give back. With my reviewing, I was also helping those in the regular forums. I only wished to enlighten many people. To just get one thank you from another user on Youtube or around the web is a great feeling. It is the feeling that I was able to help.


But even more memorable are the times of My Journey in the Anime thread. It was a snowy day in December that a chance encounter happened. Bdawk and I were helping a newbie when the topic of anime was started by pure coincidence. It also happened to be that we were all anime fans as well. The idea for an Anime thread just for us was sparked. I went to sleep that night content that we could have a nice personal thread. I felt a bit sad too. Thinking of when it would end in the coming months. I mean honestly, going by statistics, threads end easily. And so I dozed off with that thought. The next morning, I would wake up to a new thread. We were getting fleshed out with operations, front page information and topics.  This was as good of a starting spot as any was going to be.


As we talked, more and more member joined. At first it was just mainly Haiburi, Bdawk and I there. But as time passed, we got even more members. Deadly Lover, 0o0o, Insidious Meme, were some of the first to pop on and say hello. But as days turned into weeks, we got people like Jgray, borisu, Rikkun, mini panda kun, and Vortex to jump on as well. It would be impossible for me to name everyone I have met as many have come and gone. Kuroda Tsubasa, and many others have come for a short stay. At this time, we now have people like Joe, Imperial, graph, manveru, Kalbee, Mechy, Chasey, Evey, numbers kun, violin kun, and panthers kun. We come from a variety of countries around the world. They are as close as the next state, and as far as halfway around the world. As the sun sets on some of our members, the sun rises for the others. We hail from one side of the American continent to the other. We hail from Hong Kong to Australia. We hail from the temperate East of the United Kingdom to the icy wraiths of Russia. We hail from Malaysia and Indonesia. Our thoughts all come and generate together in one place.


If friendship had a form, what would it look like? Well the shape of friendship might be said to resemble glass. Even though you don’t usually notice it, it’s still there. It can be fragile like paper, or hard as diamonds. You merely have to change your point of view slightly, and that glass will sparkle and reflect the light of friendship (Code Geass).


My Journey has changed form many many times since I started. But I am content with how it has come and gone since then. Thank you very much for reading my memoir of my years here on Head-Fi.



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The most astounding thing is that you've consistently posted at least 1.1 times an hour for 2 years.beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by Tangster View Post

The most astounding thing is that you've consistently posted at least 1.1 times an hour for 2 years.beerchug.gif

Thank you Tangster kun. You realize my hard work.


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I just saw this. 

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YES! You included me! I just saw this as well, I wrote something to a much smaller scale on my 1,000, but nothing on my Supremus... tongue.gif
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Thanks guys :)

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