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Wanted: WTB: Fiio E7K, Used Smartphone .

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WTB: Fiio E7K, Used Smartphone .

Will Ship To: Anywhere

'Sup, i'm looking to get a fiio e7k in dcent to good condition, aslong as it's functioning and doesn't have cracks, i guess it'd be alright. PM me some offers, but i'm generally looking at the 65-85$ shipped(to bulgaria) range.


I'm also buying a smartphone in decent to good condition, i'm looking for a late 2011 or later model , like a used HOX or Note or Gnex  or something.


You could offer me anything aslong as my pricerange is acceptable to you. 

I'm looking for something with a larger screen, anywhere from 4.3 to 5.5. (Bigger = better for me)

I dont really care much about brand - all brands are acceptable solong as the phone itself has english menus and acceptable battery life / performance.

The phone needs to be GSM compatible.

Any condition is fine solong as the screen isnt scratched.

I'm not looking for an iPhone.
I'm not looking at a windows 7/7.5/7.8 phone, I'd consider Android and WP8 devices , though.

I'd perfer you to have some positive feedback here on head-fi. ( if it's high enough i can do gift )

Price range on that would be up to 250 shipped.






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For Sale: €170 (EURO)
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