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replacing scl3 with gr07

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i bought scl3 about 2 years ago hoping to get my first real iem, but from the first listening i didn't like them, gave them a good burn for two or three weeks, and there was minor improvment to bass.

They are not bad IEM but for my taste they lack a little bass and there is some frequncey on the high end that just feels bad, now i discovered(with the great help of your forum) it's called sibiliance and while playing with eq(digital software) i managed to reduce this frequency (around 10kHz), but lost some detail in the high end.

Thats all about the shure.

Just for refernce i own a panasonic dj100(cheap dj like headphones) and i don't have this sibilance problem, and the highs sound a little more clear and not so harsh.

I also listened to my friends beats mixr and find them bass heavy, lack midrange and the highs are not harsh or sibilant.


I am looking for a decent replacment to the scl, so i read a lot of opinions here about IEM's, and i think that the gr07 MKII is my best choice for now.


some things that are crucial to me:

1) I hear mainly EDM but, i do listen to chillout or electronic music that contains instruments.

2) need a little more bass compared to the shure.

3) no sibilance, or at least minimal one.(particiluirly in 10khz area)

4) i don't use amp, and my source is my phone(galaxy s2). is it enough to drive the gr07?


do you think the gr07 MKII is a good choice?



is there any frequency graphs to compare the scl3 and gr07?


thanks in advance!

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The GR07 are perfect for these genres music with tight punchy bass, crisp clear mids, detailed highs and wide soundstage. It offers warm soundsignature but highly detailed and without being clinical( fun to listen). OtherIEMs like Klipsch X5, Sony EX600, UE TF10Pro and JVC FXD80 are recommended too.

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I love them biggrin.gif..the gr07 bass edition also smily_headphones1.gif
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Do you guys think the GR07 has more bass compared to the scl3?

because i was considering the bass edition but don't know if they are bass heavy...

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The GR07 has definitely more bass amount and punch than Shure with wider soundtage, more detailed mids, highs with warm soundsignature( to me UE TF10Pro, SE535 level performance for much lower price tag) and bass edition even more bassier(heavy bass).

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Ok so i think i will go with the "regular" ones.

Since all of the tips that comes with gr07 are silicone ones(only one pair of foam), and i really like the shure foams(which sits perfect in my ear and give me a nice seal with no ear strain), can you recommend me on comply\other brand foams that fits the gr07?(just in case i don't like the silicone and foams of the gr07)



should i go with the gr07+gr04 budle or just gr07 solo?(money wastetriportsad.gif or good dealetysmile.gif)

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