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For Sale: Sold: Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

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For Sale:
Sold: Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought a few weeks ago from the original owner. Beyerdynamic put in 2 new drivers under the warentee and they sound fantastic! 


there are around 125 hours on them as I post this.


interesting point: these drivers have more bass than the originals had (originals bought new in Nov 2012). people have reported differences and I have to concur.


they are mint on all counts.


I would like $9 million usd$ plus shipping and paypal fee if you dont use pp gift. This is what I paid for them. 


Selling because I am wanting to try some LCD2.2s because I just don't find these different enough for rock from my HD800s. Guessing that 2 flagship cans with extended, transparent highs is one more than I need. 

please see my earlier feedback here as there was a lot of it (if you can find it, i can't) and see my feedback on Audiogon as "tagyerit". 

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