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C-IEM for Thrash Metal?

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What would you choose and why.


Really want a 1964 V6 Or UM Mage but not sure if would suit taste... I dont care for bass and I loved the flat frequency of the RE262. I hate the amount of bass in the UM3X I currently own and it destroys the midrange.


UK offerings only - See this site for whats available to me.


£600 max!


Please please help me.

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First you could try posting this query here :-


Secondly are you aware that theheadphonecompany act as a "front store in the uk" for customs?  So basically you send your impressions to them, then they send them off to the manufacturer so you still have that wait time?  If sticking to the uk you really have just 3 options right now and they are :-




Minerva (wales)


and a new one that's just popped up called Ultimate Hearing.  A link is here :-


That £600 would certainly see you right in the ACS range and you wouldn't have to wait so long either.  There's also no chance of taxs or import charge.


Good luck!

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The Earsonics EM6 are fantastic CIEMs and they are available through France(highly recommended). The other IEMs like JH Audio, Westone are available in U.K too but price maybe little higher than orignal price.

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