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Originally Posted by davidcotton View Post



If you do find the pdf and wouldn't mind posting it that would be great thanks.  Failing that when you undo the iriver which way does it open up if that makes sense.  I'm afraid of snapping a cable basically!


Also if I could be really cheeky and ask if you could see the adapters are available on amazon uk that would be helpful thanks. Not too sure what I'm meant to be ordering :)

pdf - http://www.pdainternalbattery.com/iriverinstall.html (not really a pdf but erm, it's what i found the first time)

Look at this post.  There's some images that might help as well:


erm, ok? :P

msata ssd - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Crucial-CT256M4SSD3-256GB-mSATA-Internal/dp/B0085J17UA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361559695&sr=8-1

I can't find the adapter on amazon.co.uk like i can on the .com site, i did find it on the uk ebay site:


I can't find that zender thingy that's needed to convert the zif to toshiba old style.  They do say they ship to europe:


I saw ones that looked similar but i dunno man, don't want to tell you to get the wrong thing.  The thing i didn't like on the image they showed is that the correct one has two guideposts on both ends of the cable.  The similar ones looked like they didn't have that.

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Links are fine thanks for the effort :)  Rather have the correct thing then try and waste money/break something.   I'm torn between doing what you did with the proven bootload and sticking with the easier to do kingspec one even though it's only 128 gig and needs 7pre etc.


If someone had told me back around 2005 I'd still be using the iriver today I'd have laughed in their face!  Sadly it seems the mp3 player market has gone backwards.  All I ever wanted was an upgraded Iriver with a better interface, bigger storage and longer battery life.  I find it interesting that I started mucking about with headphones after I mistakenly moved to more "modern" players :)


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I'm surprised i didn't need 7pre4.  I tried looking for it and couldn't really find it anymore either which is sort of scary.

You don't have to get a 256 gig, there are 32, 64, 128 and 512 flavors.

Here's my (possibly misguided feelings) about the kingspec ssd vs this:

msata is tiny and weighs less, even with the adapters

crucial makes the msata (other big companies like mushkin, samsung, toshiba makes msata ssds as well) and i've never heard of kingspec before

technically faster (usb controller/adapter/iriver being the only slowing factor), should use a more up to date controller.

If my iriver ever breaks, i can pop the msata card in my computer :P

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Whole point of me doing this is that I want  (need? Perhaps not!)to get as big a drive in as possible.  I use mp3 players everyday for work so they take a lot of wear and tear (in fact this iriver has outlasted 3 of my colleagues ipods!).


The attraction of kingspec is that it's a)easy to obtain here in the uk and b)plug and play it seems so no faffing about with the adapters which seem to be a pita to get in the uk.


Whilst 256 would be very nice, in real world terms 110 gig seems fine for me.


7pre4 is still available as I installed it last week.  Think it botched half way through the install (as I did a short click instead of a long one, doh)so now when I boot every other one fails.  Rockbox loads but sticks on the boot screen.  One of the tasks this weekend is to complete the reinstallation to see if that stabalises it.  If not then it might be msata route anyway. 


Oh and I detest Itunes so installing rockbox frees me of that as well :)



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Originally Posted by hypergreatthing View Post

and success! rockbox reads it.  Did a battery swap to a 2200 mAh one as well.  That little battery plug is a pain in the ass to get in there.

So apparently my boot loader (version 6?) recognized the drive.  All i did for good measure was to connect the usb, format the drive as ntsb so windows would assign a drive letter, then i used guiformat to format it to fat32 (with 32k cluster sizes).  Copied my backup of the old 40 gig drive back to it and started it up.  Rockbox loaded up.

I'm fairly sure the original firmware doesn't work (confirmed, says check hdd) but with rockbox and usb working i don't mind.

I got some pics, lemme see how to get them on here.



thanks again for the inspiration =)

Great news!


Could you please post your findings here: http://forums.rockbox.org/index.php/topic,42704.0.html


Thank you

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Annoyingly those zender adapters needed have vanished!  Anyone got any links from them.  In the meantime enjoying the kingspec ssd in the iriver anyway.  56 gig left, ouch.



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Sorry to bump this, but as said those zender adapters have vanished!  Is there any alternatives that would work? 

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I purchased this adapter when assembling hypergreatthing's msata mod:




It isn't as compact as the Lib Zender, but it seems to be working just fine. The only thing I had to do was file down the plastic that juts out from the sides so that it would slide down onto the IDE connectors properly.

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Thanks for that!  Looks like the zenders have vanished off ebay altogether so that looks my only alternative!



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BTW, those Libmart zender adapters are now back in stock on eBay.
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Thanks for the reminder!


I still haven't got round to doing the mod to 256 gig.  Partly cost, partly because I'm finding the iriver just a lil bulky these days for daily use.



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