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For Sale: 240GB iPod Video 5G

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For Sale:
240GB iPod Video 5G

Will Ship To: Anywhere

About a year ago, I decided I wanted a very large portable music player. About the only option was to make my own from a 30GB iPod video and parts that could be purchased from eBay. It's worked perfectly for the past year, and is in good cosmetic condition aside from some scratching on the back.


My only complaints with the iPod are:

-the headphone jack (being from a 30GB iPod) does not sit flush with the backing from a 60GB iPod. It isn't a functional concern, just an aesthetic one.

-the new faceplate I put on it shows a bit of light from the LCD backlight. This could be fixed with a bit of electrical tape, but it isn't enough of a concern to warrant opening the case

- the hold button sits close to flush with the back cover, making it slightly harder than normal to switch. It isn't a genuine concern - it just takes some getting used to


I can take pictures of the inside, if someone wants, but I didn't want to take the front cover off if I didn't have to. 


It is currently running the latest version of Rockbox and is loaded with my music. If requested, I could wipe my music or revert to basic iPod software. Asking for $200+actual shipping

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