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What is the best headphone for me?

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I'm just starting out as a Head-Fier and was wondering what headphones would suit me. Here's the lowdown:


My listening devices:


I will mainly be flipping between my iPod Touch 5th Generation and my computer, I have steady music collections on both.


My preferred style of music:


My favourite genres are post-rock, indie rock (lo-fi mainly), shoegaze, all forms of electronica (dubstep, IDM, house etc.), hip hop, jazz and ambient. I am always discovering new genres and styles, so my music taste is always expanding. Electronic is hands down my most played and loved genre.


My preferred audio quality:


FLAC on computer and ALAC / MP3 on my iPod Touch.




I have around $400 to spend, but I don't want to spend too much.




I don't care about portability, these will be home listening headphones.




I don't really want to bother with an amp, but if it is necessary, I will buy one.



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Today I listen to classical music almost exclusively but in the 80s I was a huge fan of groups like Cabaret Voltaire.




I just googled and found that pic :)


I wonder if my much loved AKG K550s would be suitable for you?


They are great for classical but I haven't a clue if they have what is required for electronica.


They will work very nicely from the ordinary output from an iPod or iPhone or what-have-you.


Sound quality with them will improve even further with alternative high quality amplification, but that is something to explore if you wish at some other time.

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