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For Sale:
Wadia 121 Decoding Computer

Will Ship To: Europe

For sale the high end dac/pre/headphone preamp from the legend in digital audio Wadia. It is nearly in mint condition in its box with the wadia's usb with windows drivers and manual. 

It is equipped with the ESS Sabre 32bit chip, it resamples in 1.4Mhz and the digital to analogue conversion takes place in that step.

It can accept signal through usb up to 192khz, which is asynchronous and immune to jitter.

It has 2 adjustable output level to 1, 2, 4 volts and as wadia states it can be connected to any power amplifier avoiding a preamplifier.

Its selective headphone sensitivity is very usefull as its fully funtioned remote control.

For sale at 1200 euros plus paypal fees and shipping cost. New costs 1550 euros.

Reviews are raving about the 121. It is analogue sounded with spatious soundstage and very analytical without being tiring

Fully balanced, with a pair of decent monitor speakers and a pair of good headphones it is a complete and high level set