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For the Miracles, it's likely the T1, as the high drivers for the Miracles will have bandwidth issues with the increased OI of the Fireye HD. If you don't mind the highs sounding a little strange, then you can consider the Fireye HD, but otherwise, the T1 is said to be undergoing revisions for a better volume pot and other case revisions. If these two are your candidates, then I suggest you contact Tralucent. I still think the T1 runs too loud for IEM purposes, but perhaps the better volume pot will help in that regard. The Fireye HD is more of an amplifier for dynamic driver headphones/IEMs, or, depending on the model, for single BA IEMs.
hmm, can't the volume be controlled? Ok then, I'll contact tralucent smily_headphones1.gif btw do you know any other good amps for the miracle? Thx, I'm kinda new to amplifiers