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For Sale: J$ Denon Leather "Angle" Pads ## SOLD ##

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For Sale:
J$ Denon Leather "Angle" Pads ## SOLD ##

Will Ship To: Anywhere

All pads for the Denon headphones from J$ have been sold.  Jeremy from J$ Audio and myself thank the buyers who were able to purchase the Denon "Wedge" pads for their headphones.


I have 4  2  1 pair of Denon pads that remain.  These are new, "A" stock J$ pads that reside with me, and are personally shipped by me.  These pads come in a black satin J$ sleeve.


I ship only via USPS Priority for all destinations, which means that the pads are shipped within a small cardboard box, for protection. The price is not negotiable, as payment for the pads is paid to J$ Audio.


Cost: $75.00 For 1 pair of pads.


Shipping Costs:  (these are my costs that I pay)


United States - $7.50


Canada - $15.00


All Other International Destinations - $17.00


When I ship the pads, the buyer will receive an e-mail from me to include a delivery confirmation number (US Residents), or a customs number, which can be tracked to a degree (for Canadian and other International residents.)


Thank you,

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I don't know if these have made the rounds in the T50RP modding circles (I know the Beyer versions have).  Do you know if these will fit a T50RP?


Also could you measure the height of the thick and thin parts of the pads?  Thanks!

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