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For Sale: April Music Stello DA100 DAC

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For Sale:
April Music Stello DA100 DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Purchased this from shipsupt 2 weeks ago as a temporary DAC while scavanging the internet for a NAD M51.

I got it for 325 USD which is an insane price, and to avoid flipping, it's what it's going for too.


And this is a lot of DAC for 325 USD. It's a lot of DAC for 700 USD too. But sure, never mind, it's just me confabulating nonsense. It's a 4 year old DAC. It must be crap. If that's what you think, don't even bother. Buy a Martix or Yulong DAC or whatever.




Currently set for 220-240V (can be switched via a lever on the PCB inside the box).


2 SPDIF Optical 24/192

1 SPDIF Coax (RCA) 24/192

1 USB 16/48


1 pair RCA out


If you're set for using it primarily via USB I'd recommend a good USB-to-CoaxRCA, it makes a big difference.




Payment via PayPal, Gift or add 4%.


Price is non-negotiable. (I might consider a partial trade for a high-grade USB-cable 5-8 ft long)


S&H EU (via EMS) = 55 EUR (tracked parcel, 5 kg's)

S&H WW (via EMS) = 74 EUR (tracked parcel, 5 kg's)

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Sold to ghahn

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