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I have had the Cambridge Soundworks Microworks computer speakers for nearly 8 years now. It's a 2.1 system that was decent back during its day, but now, no sound comes out of the right channel. I have swapped the satellite speakers and the cables around to isolate the problem, and the problem seems to originate from the integrated amplifier enclosed within the subwoofer cabinet. I have opened up the subwoofer cabinet to examine the circuit board, and there doesn't appear to be any swollen capacitors or exploded, gooey components.


Given that the satellite drivers and the subwoofer drivers still work, I'm rather reluctant to simply throw away the speakers. Is there a forum where I can get help on finding out what exactly is wrong so that I can determine if it's within my ability to repair the circuit board? If repair isn't practical, is there a way for me to use them with a different, cheap amplifier/crossover combo? Any other salvage possibilities?


Thanks in advance.