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PC Sound Card ok to drive Sennheiser HD555 upgrade?

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I'm looking for an upgrade to my Sennheiser HD555. I have an HT Omega Claro Sound Card (with built-in headphone amp, up to 600ohms of impedence) that will be driving the new cans. My early interests: •Sennheiser HD598 •Sennheiser HD650 •Ultrasone Pro 900 Music that I enjoy: dubstep, metal, rap, rock, trance, hip-hop, electronica, etc. What are your recommendations? I am looking for a well-balanced phone that has nice, warm, punchy bass to it--basically, a legitimate upgrade over the Sennheiser HD555 that I have been using for the past 2-3 years now. Thank you.
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Your sound card will have no problem driving any of those headphones. I think the HD600 is a logical upgrade from the HD555, generally speaking. The Ultrasones are a different beast all together. They have a stronger low end but don't have the soundstage or detail of the HD600. They're also closed. However, the HD600 aren't consider ideal headphones for your genres because they don't have a whole lot of sub bass or overall bass quantity for that matter. You might want to checkout the Beyerdynamic DT 990, Hifiman HE-400, and maybe also checkout the open back Ultrasones. Mr. Speakers Mad Dog T50RP might be an option too. Others will have more suggestions.


Edit: Sorry, I misread your post and thought you said HD600. The HD650 would probably be pretty good for your genres. It has a bit more bass than the 600.

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Thanks for the reply. Ok, scratch the Ultrasones. Let's move on to the DT 990, Hifiman HE-400, and HD650. What are the main differences, from your experiences?
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I haven't heard the HE-400 but there's a lot of people around here that have, I'm sure someone will chime in. They are orthodynamics that are supposed to have really good bass quality. The 990s have a large soundstage, emphasized bass, emphasized treble, and slightly recessed mids. Really all three are great choices IMO with the HE-400 and HD650 probably being a bit of step up from the 990s overall but the 990s are great for your genres as well. Read up in the forums and maybe try asking in the HD650 appreciation thread / HE-400 appreciation thread / Beyer 770/880/990 thread and see what people recommend for your genres and needs. You can also try asking in the recommendations thread. Good luck. I think all 3 would be a good upgrade from the 555.

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Looking forward to more input from the head-fi community! :D
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I agree with devhen on the HD 600/650 as a reasonable path. There's not many other cans that come to mind that won't have something dramatically different to them (e.g. the Ultrasone PRO2900 (that's "2900" not "900") would also be on the level with the higher-end Senns, but they're going to be a dramatic departure from what you're used to). The only other can that comes to mind is the Kenwood KH-K1000, which will have more engaging mids and more bass impact (when called upon), but availability and pricing may not make them competitive depending on your location on the globe. They're easier to drive too - but the HT Omega should have no problems with the Senns either.
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