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Looking for closed-back headphone for listening at my office

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I am looking for a headphone for listening at a large cubicle shared with three other people.

Minimal leakage is needed so it does not bother the other folks as I tend to listening in mid to high volume.


I currently own:

- Audeze LCD-2

- Westone ES5


I purchased Westone ES5 several months ago, my first custom IEM, thinking that it would fit the bill. Well, the isolation is awesome and sure it sounds great.


However, it is missing soundstage, dynamic, etc that a full size headphone can bring.

The best I can describe, ES5 is NOT LCD-2.


If LCD-2 is a closed-back headphone, I would have been happy. Yes, I know that Audeze plan to come up with closed-back headphone however I don't plan to wait for it.


Looking for:

- Closed-back headphone that has minimal leakage

- Budget: $1000


I listen to many genres, from progressive rock e.g. Pink Floyd, Porcupine, metal, blues, acoustic, live performance, female vocals, etc. 


Yes, I have been researching/searched this forum however I am overwhelmed with the choices. The popular models here appear to be ATX-W5000, D5000,  T5p(above budget), ATX-W3000ANV (above budget), Fostex TH900(above budget).


I need your help to narrow down the search and/or introduce me to other models.


Let me repeat, minimal/no leakage is a must.


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I was looking for a good headphones and after a lot of research I finally bought the Beyerdybamic DT-770 PRO-80 and they sound AMZING.




The BASS is simply one of the best. It also barely leaks on high volumes. Add to that the comfort it has.... really high quality headset.



PS: I got it for $200 but I see you are looking for a higher quality ones below $1000.....

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I just found out about AKG-K550, this could be a good fit. I own K702 and have been happy with it.

The lower price does not hurt either.


Can anyone compare AKG-K550 vs. Audio technica ATX-W5000 or others in higher price range?

I know they are in different price range however I wonder if the W5000 is worth the extra dollars. What will I miss?

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