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I am at a really rough decision here... please help!

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Hello! So here is where the story begins:

I'm on the bus one day with a friend, and he's wearing some pretty sweet looking Beats Studios. I asked if I can wear them to try out a song and he did let me. Before I go on, I'm going to tell you that I've never been exposed to real music. I've lived with either built in laptop speakers or cheap headsets with guitar music for pretty much my entire life. He played a song where it built up and it did a massive bass drop. He cranked it up so I literally freaked out in the bus seat, it was so awesome I just had to get these.


Being the obsessive money spending freak I am, I researched the living **** out of Beats to find they aren't at all what they are advertised to be. I then go to school the next day to find all of the "cool kids" hanging out, checking out sweet looking Beats Studios on the computers. I tell them the true facts about them but they all call me stupid and stuff, all the while pushing me to get Beats Studios. Hmm.


I go home that day to search on the internet, and from taking advice from a friend, I found this sweet pair of cans:



I was pretty much set on that pair until a friend, (One of the cool kids), told me about he and a friend were going to go pick up a pair of Studio Beats from craigslist listed as $100 brand new. He assured me with all these pictures that they were the real deal. At least I reserve some respect since they actually don't put up with the bull**** prices and get them for $100-$150. So I am faced with the decision: $100 Studios that look badass and some social acceptance, or the Audio Techs for the ultimate experiences for $150. Honestly, I'm crushed. I don't know what to get and it's tearing me apart! By the way, I'll be listening to these at home, on the bus, and at school. Usually I'm not clumsy but sometimes I drop stuff. Thanks for reading and I hope you answer.

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I would go with the fake Beats so you can look cool which would perhaps lead to intercourse with attractive females.

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Don't get the fakes. Get a pair of M50s if those are your options.

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Get the M50s. I've listened to both the studios and the m50s side by side, and the m50s offer more extension on either end of the spectrum. In Layman's terms, it's like converting the looks of the beats into audio quality and putting that in a more rugged enclosure. They make the studios sound veiled in comparison. Personally, I think they look better than the studios anyways, and they're much more durable. If you don't want to lug a 9ft cord with you, then I'd advise you get the coiled version of the M50 (not the M50s--the one you chose is good). 


Be different. Almost every person I see in public that listen to music usually wear beats headphones and apple ear buds. You walk around with something different, and they'll be like, "What kind of headphones are those? Do they sound better than the Beats?" I've had that happen to me a few times with my M50s. 

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Yes, the M50s are way better than the Beats, but they're not that great. After 1 year of use my M50s headband looks absolutely terrible, it clamps too much, the pads are too small, soundstage is nonexistant, etc.


If you want the best of both worlds, though, check out the V Modas. 



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Originally Posted by McNuggetsPie View Post

Social acceptance my ass, lots of people will think you're stupid wearing those.


I think it's sad how people have to cave into the peer pressures just so they can be accepted socially.  Build a modest headphone rig, and keep the headphone listening confined to home.  Then, when the sweet tunes are playing with great detail, one can chuckle when they can think about the "dummies" out there wearing the headphones as "bling" just so they can be socially acceptable.

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People that wear those headphones to be 'socially acceptable' wear them on their neck 90% of the time. Totally pointless.

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I like to wear my HE-400's as a necklace.

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Havent you heard? Beats are out,  all of the "cool" kids are wearing these:



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I find SR-009s with the cable detached gets me the girls. YOLO so you might as well gets STAX.


In all seriousness try the Ultrasone line(audition them first, the have funny treble to some ears). They look much classier than any Beats headphone and have good low end.

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