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W3000ANV v DX1000 v D7000

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Anyone have any advice for the comparisons and pros/cons between these 3 headphones?

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I have two of the three.  W3000anv and the D7000


If you are trying out which one to buy.  I would get the D7000 first as they are discontinued.  However, there are only a limited amount of W3000anv made. I personally prefer the W3000anv for right now.  I plan to have my D7000 MarkL'ed..


Aslo JVC is coming out with a DX2000 soon.



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I owned all 3 not long ago. I sold the D7000 a month ago as it was my the least favorite by just a bit compared to the DX1000. The W3000anv is, of couse, a step up in sound over the other 2. That sound is quite different though. You won't get the heavy bass with the W3000anv. However, I find the bass on the W3000anv to have a unique texture and very pleasing. It certainly is more tight than the DX1000 or D7000. The mids and treble on the W3000anv are just much better than the others. All 3 of these phones sound are colored and one would just have to figure out what coloration they would prefer. A search of the forums would reveal discussion at length about each phone. All 3 are very comfortable to me especially compared to the heavy planars. Good luck!

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Wow, I didn't know about the DX2000. I guess that eliminates the DX1000. Thanks for the information!

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All three are very nice headphones but they are all VERY different sounding. It would take a long time to fully describe the differences.  Overall, I think the W3000 ANV are considerably better than the other two, but they really do sound different.

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The wonky mids of the DX1000 never does it for me. It makes distortion guitars sound just plain wrong. And the frame is a little bit bulky and inflexible, making them less comfortable than the D7000.


Out of the three I'd vote for the W3000 as well, if you get bored with it you can always flip it and at least get a full refund in a few months from now.

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I haven't owned the dx1000, but I have owned the d7000 a couple of different times with one pair having all of the mods including the cups. That pair was way better than stock, but after getting my w3000, I couldn't get rid of them fast enough. Like others have said, they are very different headphones. I wouldn't buy the d7000 first because they are discontinued, because 1) they have been replaced and perfected by the th900 and 2) there are too many closed headphones that outperform them right now. With the denons, you can say they sound great for a closed headphone. With the w3000, you can say they just sound great period. And I would not tonly ake them over most closed high end cans, but I like them more than a few open high end cans as well. There's not an open high can I would take the denons over.

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Haven't tried the DX1k, but have with the ANV's and D7k. Personally, I did not like neither of them as much as I would have but the ANV through a Yamamoto HA-02 amp is something you really have to hear for yourself, the ANV's are very unique sounding, they have a "special" treble that really sucks you into the music, vocals are really good. D7k on the other hand, is a very very coloured headphone, bass bloated to these ears but the wood and build makes up for it. Both limited in quantities with D7k discontinued but sometimes they float around on ebay for about $500-600 a used or demo pair.

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I still own DX1000s and like them better than the D7000.  However, I would not buy another pair of DX1000s now.  Build quality is mediocre, they are out of production, JVC does not have any spare parts (I checked), and asking prices are often outrageously high (like $850...when you could get them new a few years ago for $650.)  If you don't need a closed-back headphone, you will do better with LCD-2s.  If you need isolation and don't have any comfort/fit issues with custom IEMs, I would highly recommend JH16s.  I like them better than any full-sized headphone I have owned or demo'd.

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I agree about high end customs. I rank my jh13 right behind my he-6 and ahead of my w3000. But ciems aren't for everyone, but if you can get used to the idea of something being inside your ears, they are worth it.

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Use to own them all.
W3000 best for vocal acoustic
Dx1000 for hip hop soul and bad recording they sound quite dark, which means they will help you a lot when you listen to some pop records
D7000 is allrounder good for their price sound good overall
For me if i have to choose to buy one i will choose to buy dx1000 because they suits my music genre, by the way if you owns many pieces of hifi equipment you may adjust them to suit your need. One thing to tell you that if you dont have much money to spend for headphone please just forget w3000 i think they are many headphones in their price range ,which perform better
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I have them all.


I'd say technically the D7000 and W3000 are on the same level although sounding very different from one another. Confort wise, the wing system on AT can be an issue too, while the Denon is as comfy as a can should be.


However the DX1000 is the one which gets more head time with me. Don't ask me why cause I can't explain.

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maybe u love the quality of the bass from the jvc more? I had the denon and jvc but sold them. Now I have a w3000anv and it some ways its better overall than those two. Better mids and lows than the denon and better mids and high than the jvc.
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