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Shure SE535 vs Bose Quiet Comfort 15

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Hello Guys,


I am new in the forum and came here because of my new Shure SE535 IEMS. I will be direct. When I was in Canada (I am from Brazil), I tried the Bose QC 15 in the store and was amazed by the crystal clear sound. I bought and honestly I am still very pleased with the sound. 


After tons of search I bought my first pair of IEMs - Shure SE535V. Now... as I am new in the audiophilic community I didn't know about the burn-in fact (or myth) and was very unpleased with the lack of instrument separation and clarity in the shure's sound. I am now using it and burning it in with white and pinky noise (most white noise) for 48 hours, but every time I compare it with Bose's headphone I see no difference. And I am very confused about the real difference in the results of before and after the burn in process. Does it change a lot? Because this is what I need to get close to my satisfaction with Bose QC 15.confused_face_2.gif


So... I was tryng to buy an IEM that would gave me the clarity that bose's qc 15 gave me (maybe with better bass) but all I am having is lots of middle and bass frequencies all togheter. I am quite annoyed. Should I trade it for Weston 4R? Or just wait for 2 more weeks of burn in?


Thank you guys and sorry for my bad english!

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Burn-in is a stupid myth. I own (and love) the Bose QuietComfort 15's, but since I got the Shure SE425 IEMs, the QC15s aren't getting any use.
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Also, make sure to try all the included tips, and perhaps order third-party tips (e.g. from Comply). Getting a good fit is paramount to getting the best sound quality of your IEMs. For instance, I find that the triple flange tips affect SQ in a really bad way, like they completely muffle the upper mids and high frequencies, so I can't use those. Conversely, the yellow foam tips aren't nearly large enough for my ears, so I get no bass with those. YMMV.
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Thanks for the tip. I already tried all the sleeves but will try them again. Maybe my emotions are biasing my judgement. Thanks.

Any other information you guys can add?

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I don't believe in burn in at all either. I've owned the shure e2c, se210, se530, UE triple fi.10, UE900 and recently bought the SE535 limited editions in Red. Right out of the box they sounded a bit congested and lacked sound stage. Been using them for about a month now and they really opened up, definately notice a difference, more seperation and bit of an increase in bass presence. Actual burn in or my ears just got used to them, no idea but hope the sound improves for you

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No such thing as burn in but brain burn in can happen getting used to the sound.  If the Bose sound better, so be it.  The Shures (even SE535) aren't the holy grail any means.

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I will recommend the W4r over SE535 because the sound changed lot since orignal E500 were released and to me they offered best midrange( guitar, vocals realy shined), W4R offers higher resolution, Great separation, balanced soundquality. Also Sony EX1000, UM3x, SM3, RE272 offers great midrange details with good separation. 

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Also depends a lot on what kind of music you listen to. Some genres don't have that big of a difference when used with either good or bad headphones..


On the other side, the genre that probably brings the biggest difference is Classical music. Westone 4 is amazing for that, if you're ever going to swap.

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Well guys. I believe I got a brain burn-in. I am ok now with Shure's SE535. Altough I still can see more soundstage in Bose's.


I listen mostly to heavy metal.


Anyway, thanks a lot for all the info.

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