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I.D. Parade!

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Hi guys,


My hi-fi identifying skills aren't what they were , so I could use some help. My mum just went to stay with a friend whose hubby, as she said, was "into hi-fi". I'll say he is! My rusty skills tell me this is an all-Krell front end with Wilson Maxx speakers. But I'm sure someone will be able to tell me more.


Many thanks,





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It does look like Krell, not sure which models though. 


The speakers look more like Wilson Grand Slamm X-1 or maybe the Alexandria X-2. The Grand Slamms have a separate box for each mid-woofer and the tweeter in between. In the Maxx, the tweeter and one of the mid-woofers share a box. In the picture, it appears that each driver has its own box. 


Nice room though. I really like the design. But where is the listening chair?

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I was going to say, great system, in a beautiful room.  I wonder if he moves stuff and installs a listening chair? Or does this grand system just provide background music while sipping wine?

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It's certainly an extraordinary room that makes this kind of gear look tiny (and outclassed) -- even accounting for the wide-angle lens. On the other hand, his speakers are way too small for that room evil_smiley.gif


Since he's got so much distance to cover: perhaps huge panel speakers or line arrays (which reduce at only 3dB per distance doubling, vs. 6dB for monopole radiators) plus a couple of subs the size of small minivans? Edit: ...and a lobotomy for his wife/girlfriend(s)

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Those look like the Alexandrias, but the sides aren't at all sculpted like the current models.  So perhaps they're either older Wilsons, or they're something from NTT Audiolab.  They kinda look like the NTT Audiolab 103's.

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Krells and Wilsons.


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Thanks for the help, guys.


X-1 Grand Slamm, I'm thinking, and the front end is definitely Krell.


I found out a bit more about the owner (or non-owner, as it turns out). The local high-end audio dealer has the system set up at the house to demo it to potential customers. The home owner sort of rents the system for about £100 a month!


The thing I find a bit tragic is that room is an acoustical nightmare, by the look of it. I'm dying to have a listen but I'm pretty sure it'll sound terrible, with all those reflective  surfaces. Which goes to show that a lot of millionaires buy systems on the price alone. It's just another toy to these people.


Then again, maybe there's a wonderful room correction system there. I can't see one, though.


Also, back in the days when I wasn't broke, I had Audio Research/Krell amplification and I never much liked it. Then it got stolen, but that's a whole other story...

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Actually, to millionaires, these ARE toys. The system should work within a home setting; that is what it was built for. Wilson Audio can't and shouldn't expect their clientele to have studios built around their hifi systems (although the owners can well afford it). People want to listen to music in the setting of their home and often with the family and friends, not in some studio. 


Also, pray tell, how did your amps get stolen?

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