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where to buy this?

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Someone posted this pic, and I was wondering if anyone know where I can buy one.  (The person who posted the pic said it was a gift and he does not know where to get one.)

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It's likely out of a music box.

The one in your picture looks inexpensive and modern; the plastic bits give it away.

Here's one on Ebay that plays "You Are My Sunshine" -

Here's one that plays "Greensleeves" -

Or perhaps "Fur Elise" is more your style -
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Thanks!  A friend also told me about this website for music boxes:

I ended up ordering a grand piano style music box from them, and chose the 18-note Clair de Lune tune.  

I might order a few more of the hand-crank music boxes you mentioned since they are pretty cheap.  

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Well, i think you can search the picture from google, maybe some sites such as amazon havs this item

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Nice!  Thanks. 

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