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For Sale: FS: Lear FSM-01

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For Sale:
FS: Lear FSM-01

Will Ship To: US

For sale is a Lear FSM-01. I bought it second-hand about two months ago on a whim, but I ended up essentially not using it; I'm just not a person that uses portable amps. The amp is in ok shape, has a few scratches but performs fine. Not too many reviews on Head-Fi, but it's pretty well regarded, better than most of the entry models like the JDS CMoyBB and the Fiio amps.


A review by ClieOS here:


Asking for $40 shipped, I'll absorb PayPal. Essentially just want what I paid + shipping. Amp sells for $150 on eBay, so you're getting a pretty good deal.

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Price drop!

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